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Finn Friday

No, Finn Friday is not a thing.  It’s not like WIP Wednesday. I just didn’t have a lot of material for the blog.

Finn Friday – And I Need Your Help!

I figured I’d try and do two things at once.

Many of the blog readers love Finn. It’s been a while. So, I did a little “Finn Montage” for Finn afFinncianados (sorry, it was too easy).

I’ve put it on my YouTube Channel so I could try and boost the hours of watch time on the channel.

Here’s where you come in. With chances of winning a prize.

Click on the “Watch on YouTube” link and count how many  photos of Finn appear in the 1-minute video.

Send an e-mail to me with your count .

I will randomly choose three winners who count correctly (there is no trick…you don’t need to compare all photos to make sure you exclude duplicates from you count, for instance). All entries must be submitted by Friday, September 3, 2021 at midnight (Eastern U.S. time). I will announce winners on Monday, September, 6, 2021.

1st Prize Winner – Any QueerJoe handknit hat on my Craft Show web site:
2nd Prize Winner – Free library of all my DoublePointed Design Patterns:
3rd Prize Winner – One free pattern (your choice) of any of my DoublePointed Design Patterns:

Send e-mails using my contact QueerJoe form.

Good luck to all!

Current Knitting

I was thrilled to have weight the first Usonian Shawl and the remaining yarn. I have enough to make a second shawl.

Usonian Shawl II 08-26-21 02 Usonian Shawl II 08-26-21 01

In reverse colorway. While I definitely prefer the first colorway I did, I think there will be those who will prefer the reverse.

Your thoughts?


2 comments on “Finn Friday

  1. [edited by QueerJoe to remove correct answer to contest]
    I counted ?? photos. What a cute cat. Fin Friday it is.
    The shaw does look fantastic.

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