Need Your YouTube Help

Need Your YouTube Help

I am so close.  Just a bit more to push me over the edge. I need your YouTube help.

Last-Ditch Effort To Get Your YouTube Help

It’s kind of amazing that over the last 365 days, folks have watched videos on my YouTube channel for over 3,200 hours.

I am very grateful for the interest in the various videos I’ve published up until now. Tutorials, blog contests (like the Finn video from yesterday) and the various episodes of Knitting With QueerJoe.

Even though YouTube has started putting advertising in front of my videos, I have no control over the content. I also get no income associated with the advertising.

4,000 hours over the last 365 days is an important metric with YouTube. It will allow me to have more control over which advertisers can display before my videos. Yes, I understand that most people skip past ads.  Just like I do. But it still requires you to watch a few seconds of toe fungus remedies or political advertisement from heinous people.

So here’s my request. Just watch a full playlist of my videos. There are 16 videos in the Playlist called “Knitting With QueerJoe”. If you just put that playlist on and leave it playing in the background (no, you don’t have to sit through 16 videos of me and knitting), it would go a long way toward pushing me toward the goal of 4,000 hours. Even if you just have the playlist play without sound while you charge your phone. Every minute watched helps a lot.

Thank you for considering it…your help is very much appreciated.

Current Knitting

I’m more than halfway through the second Usonian Shawl and this design and yarn are really nice!

Usonian Shawl II 08-29-21 01

If  you’ve never worked with Woolfolk yarns, you may really want to see if you can find them in your local yarn store. It’s expensive, but it’s really amazing. Amazing to knit, and it creates the most amazing fabric.

Or, come to my craft shows if you’re in this area just to paw this beautiful yarn/garment.


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