Plan For Change

Plan For Change

One of the benefits of the pandemic is the opportunity to learn to adapt. I had no idea what my capacity was for adapting. These days, I plan for change.

An Active Plan For Change

Over the last two years, it has been impossible to plan. Any of you who have tried to plan a wedding, a workshop, a reunion, a retreat, etc. know that nothing is certain.

Honestly, the future never has been certain. But it certainly hasn’t been as chaotic as the last couple of years.

We started planning the 2021 NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat in November of last year.

There was definitely no certainty about whether it would happen. So we made sure to plan for disruption to our plan.

  • Could we gather in September of 2021 with about 40 guys?
  • Would Easton Mountain retreat center be able to host us?
  • Could folks travel from Canada to the U.S.? Or from Europe or Asia?
  • If New York State had limitations, could we work around them?
  • How would deaf attendees be able to attend if masks were required?
  • What would our cancellation/refund policy need to be?
  • Could we require vaccines? COVID tests? Can we even ask vaccination status?
  • How would we handle the financial aspects?

Planning A Retreat

I’m fortunate that I have the resources for constant change. The mental, emotional, physical and financial resources.

As a result, we are currently scheduled to have 36 guys attend the 2021 NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat (and we have room for 2 more guys if you know of anyone interested in attending).  All of them will be fully vaccinated. All of them will have had a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arrival at the retreat. As will all the staff and volunteers at Easton Mountain.

I’m not dumb enough to know that there won’t be changes over the next three weeks.

5 of the expected attendees live in Canada. That fact alone is rife with issues.

But we have a plan. And we adapt with alacrity to change.

How about you…had enough of constant change?

Current Knitting

I had hoped I would have completed the second Usonian Shawl by today.

Usonian Shawl II 09-01-21 01

While I made some headway, I still have a bit more to go. Here’s a comparison with the completed version.

Usonian Shawl II 09-01-21 03

Just a couple more sections…short sections but a lot of stitches. Hopefully by Friday.

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