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Knitting Blogs – Still A Thing?

This is kind of an irrelevant question for me…”knitting blogs – still a thing?” I have always said that I’d be blogging even if no one read my blog.

It Seems Knitting Blogs Are Still A Thing

Lately, the offers for free review copies of knitting books have dried up for me. Perhaps they didn’t like my reviews? It’s also possible that I hold no sway anymore with readers. If I don’t sell books for them, I’m just a liability. Right?

But then HiyaHiya comes along and still sees blogs as worth noting.

They list 14 “Top Knitting Blogs” and I made the list!

I also loved the description of my blog in their post and some of the reasons it was included. Stating publicly that they support the LGBTQ community as a company is an important statement for me.

The other reason I’m quite pleased with this is HiyaHiya’s reputation among knitter friends.

If you’ve ever heard me compare needles, you’ll know I love my Lykke Driftwood set of interchangeable needles. But many of the guys I knit with on Zoom for over a year raved about the HiyaHiya interchangeables (promotional link)…even those who also owned the Lykkes.

But just like I have changed my mind about ball-winders, I am open to changing my mind about interchangeables too. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see the HiyaHiya’s in person at the Men’s Knitting Retreat in a few weeks.

Finn Friday Contest

Today is the final day to enter the Finn video contest. Just watch this short Finn video and count the number of photos of Finn in the video. Use the web contact form to send me a note with your answer to the number of photos, and you could win prizes.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the second Usonian Shawl…including weaving in ends and blocking.

Usonian Shawl II 09-03-21 01

Despite making two of these, one right after the other, I never got tired of knitting this design.

Usonian Shawl II 09-03-21 03

Usonian Shawl II 09-03-21 02

I was also surprised to find out I think I prefer the second colorway combination over the first.

Usonian Shawl II 09-03-21 04

Which do you prefer? Top or bottom?

11 comments on “Knitting Blogs – Still A Thing?

  1. The combo of Ravelry taking over duties as my knitting project record followed by the ascendancy of Facebook pretty much drained the life out of my blog, and I suspect it’s the same for most. Google effectively killed blog audiences by getting all of us to use Reader, then killing the project.

    You’re still writing, though, and I still use an RSS reader, so I’ll keep reading.

  2. In reference to whether which scarf I prefer I think I would see them together! The “B” sides I think. Always gotta be different…lol. Great knitting Joe and I enjoy your blog!

  3. Yes, I’m a blog reader! And I read this one. I just don’t comment often, and haven’t here before…shame on me…how would you know you are followed? I prefer the bottom scarf and blogs over Instagram though I do use it.

  4. Bottom would be my choice.

    Thanks for continuing to blog. I come here each week and realized you don’t know that – so just subscribed. Cheers and have a great long weekend.

  5. I prefer the top, but really both are beautiful. I have followed your blog for many years and can’t imagine life without it.

  6. I want to sew them together and make a blankie!

    I like your blog best of any knitting blogs I have read. I discovered it years ago but kind of fell out of blog reading because a many feel either too technical or too almost voyeuristic and personal . A few months ago I remembered you and refound it and subscribed. You have a great balance of the two and You keep it short so I never hesitate to click when I see there’s a new one!

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