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The Last Thing You Want To See!

What’s the last thing you want to see in your townhouse neighbor’s driveway? This would certainly be on the list!

What Is The Last Thing YOU Want To See?

I live in a townhouse complex. Six units in my building. Fortunately, each unit is completely separated by a wall of cinder-blocks…from basement to attic.

When I see a van with a raccoon on it in my neighbor’s driveway. With words like “animal removal”, “nuisance”, “live or dead”, you can imagine the ideas that go through my mind.

I’m not a bit fan of wildlife.

Then shortly after this traumatic event, I see this on a plant on my back deck.

Praying Mantis 09-01-21 01

And while I’m photographing this bug from an alien planet, he turns to look at me.

Praying Mantis 09-01-21 01 (1)

I must admit…I ran away a little bit. Especially knowing what these bugs do to their mates after copulating.

Yes, these bugs are protected. And probably good for my place. But they do scare me a little bit. As do snake, bats, vermin, cockroaches…you get the idea.

Current Knitting

I finished the Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Love the brilliant colors and the softness and warmth of this yarn.

It’s Uneek Fingering in colorways 3001 and 3023.

Since 100 grams makes a full scarf…and I’m using 200 grams. I started a second one right away.

Knitted Cross Stitch Uneek 09-08-21 05

This scarf is rather addictive.

7 comments on “The Last Thing You Want To See!

  1. Oops. Correction. I see the bug now – – at first, it blended in with the leaves so well I couldn’t distinguish it from the foliage!

  2. LOL 😆 you crack me up Joe. Bugs love to bite me they call me sweetmeat..
    & I don’t like them either. That scarf is so beautiful enjoy your day cutie☮️💖

  3. I’d rather see that truck than the one I used to see off and on where I lived for 25 years. The big blue one with the live trap for bears/cougars. I’d see it park empty, and later in the day it would head out full, going up the mountains to do a release.
    I’ve always liked that scarf!

  4. Praying Mantis are indeed very good! Eat spiders and other bugs. He’ll walk around the walls on the outside of the house — cleaning up. Many times the wildlife arrives only because neighbors aren’t being careful enough with their trash. Just sayin’!

  5. Your scarf is beautiful. The colors are like jewels!
    Those Praying Mantis photos are fantastic. Fred has a great Praying Mantis story!
    As for the last thing you want to see…..Hmmm?
    If visible from her second floor porch, it might prompt our kitty to mend her evil ways! (She’s actually the feline Mary Poppins. Practically Perfect in every way!)

  6. I once had a squirrel in the attic. The exterminator was a guy named “Vinney”. He had a small handgun with him.
    I was more afraid of Vinney than the squirrel… I paid him in cash.

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