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Retreat Time Again

May and September are the two NorthEast Men’s Knitting Retreats. So, it’s retreat time again.

Adirondack Fiber Arts Festival and Retreat Time Again

The Adirondack Fiber Arts FestivalAdirondack Fiber Arts Festival takes place at the Washington County Fairgrounds. That’s about 15 minutes away from Easton MountainEaston Mountain. It seemed like the perfect time to schedule a Men’s Knitting Retreat.

Next week, I head back up to Easton Mountain, which has become one of my three favorite places in the world. 34 guys will be at the retreat next week.

Just a warning. I do very little knitting at the men’s knitting retreats.

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll get done either. Already I’m pretty busy getting everything organized.

Current Knitting

With all the retreat work, and also ripping out a few rows because of a mistake, I haven’t made a lot of progress.
Bright Lizard Scarf 09-19-21 01

But Uneek yarns do not disappoint again.

Bright Lizard Scarf 09-19-21 02

This scarf is going to be really beautiful.

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  1. Tons of best wishes for the retreat. So happy you will be there! Looking forward to hearing about it at some point. Things are megga busy here so you may not seem me for a while, but I’m agog for your blogs! Have a super time!

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