The Cranberry Sauce Phenomenon Canned

The Cranberry Sauce Phenomenon

There is probably an actual name for this phenomenon. Where tracking every detail of a large project results in forgetting one piece of it until after it’s over. I call it the Cranberry Sauce Phenomenon.

What Is The Cranberry Sauce Phenomenon And How Does it Apply?

Here in the States, Thanksgiving turkey dinner is often served with canned cranberry sauce.

In our family, we served the big meal without it. And, the can of perfectly chilled cranberry sauce would be found in the refrigerator the day after Thanksgiving.

My mom used to go to great lengths to make sure she remembered the cranberry sauce. She would compile a detailed list of all the groceries she needed for Thanksgiving dinner. Then, she’d decide on how many cans she needed. She’d calculate carefully to determine by how many she was going to serve. Of course, “portions per can” was read carefully on the side of the can.

Then, the day before Thanksgiving, the can (or cans) would be put in the refrigerator to make sure it was served chilled.

On Thanksgiving Day, the special jadeite serving dish, would be brought out with all the other important serving features. Turkey platter, carving utensils, gravy boat, pie plates, etc.

But, for some reason, no matter how hard we tried, this one detail always got lost in the fray.

It’s Like That With The Men’s Knitting Retreats

Preparations for the Men’s Knitting Retreats that I coordinate have a similar feel.  I carefully print name-tags and insert them into badge holders and stored alphabetically. Also, I pre-stuff project bags with give-aways. And, candy and snacks to have around the retreat rooms are purchased and packed. Of course, tag sale table paraphernalia, credit card readers, charges for phones, cameras and batteries, small change currency, vitamins and hay fever medication. I add them all to the list, accumulate them and pack them.

Of course, we have an amazing time at the retreat. Everyone enjoys themselves immensely. We start to pack up to go….

…the retreat-equivalent of canned cranberry sauce is sitting in the bottom of a box.

It’s not always the same thing. Though, it has that “cranberry sauce” feeling. It might be Breathe-Right or ear plugs to help with roommates who snore. It might be little sewing kits we were planning on letting people take. Or hand-sewn fabric face masks. Sometimes it printed coupons for the fiber festival admittance.

But there’s always something sitting in the bottom of some box I packed. Mocking me.

Possible Solution?

Perhaps I should purchase a can of cranberry sauce to bring with me to each retreat. The sacrificial forgotten object.

Current Knitting

I finished the modified version of the Bright Lizard Scarf.

Bright Lizard Scarf 09-20-21 01

See?!?! Doesn’t it look better blocked? The scarf is about 6.35″ wide and 75″ long. Big!

Bright Lizard Scarf 09-20-21 02

Bright Lizard Scarf 09-20-21 03

If you’d like a free version of this stitch pattern, you can download Ali Green’s Seafoam Scarf. It doesn’t have the color changes. Or the stitch count. But if that doesn’t matter to you, and you can figure those out yourself, her pattern looks good.

4 comments on “The Cranberry Sauce Phenomenon

  1. I am from a big family. Our cranberry sauce issue was deciding whose turn it was to have the “end piece” from the can. It just tasted better… We had to take turns on each holiday. One of my aunties would always bring homemade “chunky” cranberry sauce, but in my opinion, it wasn’t as good as the canned stuff (especially the coveted “fancy” end piece).

    The thing that often times got overlooked in my house was the Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits- either they didn’t make it out of the refrigerator, or the oven…

    Perhaps I should bring some cranberry-colored yarn– to help you remember all the precious details.

  2. I love the idea of the sacrificial forgotten object!
    Mom always remembered to serve that canned cranberry sauce and I didn’t much like it. Then we had to find ways of using it up. Peanut butter and cranberry sauce sandwiches didn’t cut it! She tried other concoctions without any success.
    She did find a delicious recipe for cranberry chicken with whole cranberry sauce, sour cream and seasonings. Not the greatest color over rice or noodles though…..
    When she began making her basil jelly, that became the go to for Thanksgiving turkey, roast chicken, lamb or pork. No more cranberry sauce!

  3. Lol. While I wouldn’t put it on the lever of ‘forgotten essential,’ a good cranberry sauce inside the bird adds a lot. And if people skip it because it was cooked inside the bird, am I really out anything?

  4. The cranberry sauce is good on pork loin sandwiches or pulled pork sandwiches. Growing up we just had the canned. When I was cooking the meal in my grownup years I made it from scratch.

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