What Do I Miss Most - Five Things I Miss

What Do I Miss Most?

What do I miss most when I’m away from home? Specifically, when I’m away from home at Easton Mountain for the retreats?

What Do I Miss Most – Top Five

Moms Party 07-03-21 Thaddeus JoeI think I’m required to put Thaddeus at the top of my list. And it’s true, I do miss him the most of all. I miss the comfort and stability of having him around. Fortunately, there are many guys who attend the Men’s Knitting Retreats regularly who help fill in when it comes to friendship, sane advice and a supportive ear.



Finn Helping Me Test Knit Sankofa Cowl 01-04-20 01Finn would have to come a close second. I miss the routine of his daily brushing, and lap time when we’re watching television. And even when he prevents me from knitting and hogs the bed.




Were Waking Up - QueerJoe Waking Up 05-24-20 02My bed. Easton has really upgraded their mattresses and beds in the years we’ve been going there. And I sleep quite well. Even my pillows this year were quite good.

But nothing beats my bed. It’s probably the best thing I own. Solid cherry sleigh bed with a natural rubber mattress, crisp/clean cotton sheets, {promotional link} buckwheat-hull-filled pillows (and the buckwheat hulls are encased in an inner pillow of felted wool). It’s no wonder I sleep like the dead when I’m home. Okay, I sleep like the dead anywhere. But I love my bed.

pareidolia - Espresso Machine RancilioThe espresso machine. My daily latte is replace by very good coffee when I’m at Easton Mountain. But I miss both the routine and the deliciousness of making and drinking my daily latte.




Craft Area 3My knit-friendly home. This one is more general. It’s my stash. All my knitting notions cached around the house in convenient spots. Also, it’s my knitting couch and chair. And my library.




I would normally have included seltzer water as something I miss. I make a LOT of carbonated water at home. But Easton has it on tap now. I can drink as much as I want!

But I’m back home now. And I’ll post a “retreat blog entry” or two when I get all my shit organized.

Suffice it to say, I had an awesome time. And I’m glad to be home.

Current Knitting

I brought along a very simple garter-striped, lengthwise scarf to the retreat for the simplest of knitting.

Garter Striped Scarf 09-28-21 01

I’m doing it in the leftover Uneek Fingering yarn I used for the Bright Lizard Scarf and a yarn from MJ Yarns.

Garter Striped Scarf 09-28-21 01


Suffice it to say, I got very little done. Organizing, socializing and demonstrating the circular sock knitting machine took a lot of my time last week.

And those all take priority over knitting. Even at a Men’s Knitting Retreat.

4 comments on “What Do I Miss Most?

  1. Sock knitting machine? Do tell! I think o missed that one❤️

    Your retreats always are so inviting and you look like you always enjoy them! Makes me miss my retreat times.

  2. I’m going on my first retreat next week. It’s a “spinning retreat” but a nice garter stitch something for more mobile moments seems like a good idea. I would say my list is about the same! But I have a husband who makes me coffee every morning instead of an espresso machine. lol

  3. Your garter-striped scarf looks super. I hope to try one some day as I have many colorful and interesting yarns, (acrylics. Some originally bought for puppet hair and other uses in shows).
    All agog to hear about the knitting retreat! I’m sure you sock knitting machine presentation was a big hig.
    Best wishes to you, Thaddeus and Finn for October!

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