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The Magic of Three

Whether it’s the number of topics most people can keep active in their brain, or the number of balls easiest to juggle, the magic of three seems to work in many ways.

The Men’s Knitting Retreats and The Magic of Three

Math tells us that three points will give us dimensionality. It is the same reason a three-legged stool is stable. And the reason when two eyes focus on a third point, we can establish distance.

So, I will again relate the experience of the latest men’s knitting retreat in the three important aspects that make them so wonderful.

Hopefully, I will be able to give you a fully dimensional view of the experience with these three “points” of importance:

  • Venue – Easton Mountain Retreat Center
  • Attendees – The most important aspect of the retreat in my view
  • Creativity and Expertise – What the attendees know and create and teach

Today’s Blog – Venue

We have been going to Easton Mountain for our men’s knitting retreats for 14 years now, and it really creates the most wonderful space for the event.

First of all, it’s quite beautiful. Lots of nature and ponds and hiking trails.

Second, the facilities and staff and volunteers are fantastics. Plentiful and good, nutritious food, comfortable lodging, hot tub, sauna, and pool.

Finally, there are plenty of spaces where guys can convene groups both big and small to socialize, do fiber arts, teach, demonstrate, etc. The Sun Room, front porch, temple, great room, back deck, library nook, and so many more.

The video is a montage of my time at Easton and some photos of the facility. The individual photos are also posted below.

QueerJoe’s happy place! I take one of these photos each time I arrive at Easton Mountain




NEMFKR 2021 - Easton Mountain - Trees 09-20-21 01



NEMFKR 2021 - Easton Mountain - Guest House 09-20-21 01
Easton Mountain – Guest House (lodging)




NEMFKR 2021 - Easton Mountain - Road and Trees 09-20-21 01

NEMFKR 2021 - Easton Mountain - Picnic Tables Trees and Sky 09-20-21 01




Current Knitting

Did some minimal amount of work on the lengthwise garter stitch scarf.

Garter Striped Scarf 09-30-21 01

Garter Striped Scarf 09-30-21 02

I’m still loving the rich, colorway of the two yarns and may even decide to keep this scarf for myself instead of selling it. We’ll see.

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