Part Two of Three - The Guys - NEMFKR 2021 - Group Photo

NEMFKR 2021 – Part Two of Three – The Guys

I’m hesitant to make “The People” part two of three entries. It makes it seem like they’re not first or highest in importance.

Why Part Two of Three is The Guys

Please note, the guys who attend the retreat are by far the most important aspect of the event. But I didn’t think I could put The Guys’ Creativity first, if I hadn’t posted about the guys themselves first.


So, who are these amazing men?

There were 29 guys at the retreat. It was still a smaller-than-usual group, but it did allow us to connect deeply with each of the guys. Aaron coordinates this event and I help. We are both…well, awesome (if I do say so myself).

But even more awesome are the other 27 attendees. From an overview perspective, it is a very diverse group of guys. Ages, races, where they’re from, how long they’ve been knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving/tatting/etc. They are also some of the most supportive, affirming and loving men I’ve ever met with as a group. You can possibly imagine the magic that happens when each and every guy takes 100% ownership of the event and works to make sure every other guy has a great time.

The synergy is mind-blowing.

The 3-minute movie shows all the photos below, but I include the photos as well so you can see who is who (which isn’t shown in the movie).

The Guys

NEMFKR 2021 - Veryl
Veryl working on his masterpiece


NEMFKR 2021 - Richard Veryl Mitch Bob
Richard, Veryl, Mitch, and Bob


NEMFKR 2021 - Jim and Steven S
Jim and Steven S


NEMFKR 2021 - Jim Steven and Keith
Jim, Steven S and Keith


NEMFKR 2021 - Steve O and Joseph
Steve O and Joseph


NEMFKR 2021 - Steve T Steven B Bob and Ron
Derek, Steven B, Bob, and Ron


NEMFKR 2021 - Farrell


NEMFKR 2021 - Joe


NEMFKR 2021 - The Steve(n)s
The Steve(n)s – since there were four of them, the deserved their own group photo


NEMFKR 2021 - Bob and Ron
Bob and Ron


NEMFKR 2021 - Jim Keith and Jeffery
Jim, Keith, and Jeffery


NEMFKR 2021 - James Jim Matt and Farrell
James, Jim, Matt, and Farrell


NEMFKR 2021 - David Steve T Derek Steven Dave Austin Joseph Steve O and David
David, Steve T, Derek, Steven S, Dave, Austin, Joseph, Steve O, and David


NEMFKR 2021 - James Mitch and Austin
James, Mitch, and Austin


NEMFKR 2021 - Bob and Nick
Bob and Nick


NEMFKR 2021 - James and Ron
James and Ron


NEMFKR 2021 - Steven and Bob
Steven S and Bob


NEMFKR 2021 - Austin James and Mitch
Austin, James, and Mitch


NEMFKR 2021 - James and Dave
James and Dave


NEMFKR 2021 - Chris and Derek (1)
Chris and Derek


NEMFKR 2021 - Bram and Nick
Bram and Nick


NEMFKR 2021 - David and Joseph
David and Joseph


NEMFKR 2021 - Derek Nick and Joseph
Derek, Nick, and Joseph


NEMFKR 2021 - Bram and Dave
Bram and Dave


NEMFKR 2021 - Farrell Steven S Jeffery Steven B
Farrell, Steven S, Jeffery, and Steven B


NEMFKR 2021 - Derek David and Richard
Derek, David, and Richard


NEMFKR 2021 - Aaron and James
Aaron and James


NEMFKR 2021 - David and Dave
David and Dave


NEMFKR 2021 - Keith


NEMFKR 2021 - James


NEMFKR 2021 - Richard


NEMFKR 2021 - Steven B and Derek
Steven B and Derek


NEMFKR 2021 - Joseph


NEMFKR 2021 - Matt and David
Matt and David


NEMFKR 2021 - Steve T and Steven S
Steve T and Steven S


NEMFKR 2021 - Jim


NEMFKR 2021 - Ryan


NEMFKR 2021 - Ryan Jim Steve T and Steven S
Ryan, Jim, Steve T, and Steven S


NEMFKR 2021 - Austin and Dave
Austin and Dave


NEMFKR 2021 - Chris and Derek
Chris and Derek

Current Knitting

Yes, there was some current knitting buried in this post.

Garter Striped Scarf 10-04-21 02

Garter Striped Scarf 10-04-21 03

Garter Striped Scarf 10-04-21 01

I love how this turned out…rich and colorful…my two favorite characteristics of some knitted fabrics.

One question…which side do you consider the “right” side on garter stripes?

Garter Striped Scarf 10-04-21 04 Garter Striped Scarf 10-04-21 05

One shows the color striping more distinctly and the other mixes colors in very pleasant way?

Side one or two?

6 comments on “NEMFKR 2021 – Part Two of Three – The Guys

    1. You can imagine why it’s so fucking joyous to work on these retreats both before and after the event. This one was really quite an amazing group of guys. Suffice it to say, I’m smiling again too.

  1. Love the video and all of the pics! It was truly a magical retreat. I miss all of the guys and being around so many talented individuals. Thanks for sharing the great memories of a fabulous event!

  2. What a joy to see these photos! So happy for your all. Best wishes for more October and anyone who might be attending Rhinebeck, have a wonderful time!

  3. Thank you for sharing pictures–it looks like it was a fantastic weekend! I may have cussed in awe when I saw Veryl at work on his masterpiece–wow! I saw handspun, a lovely gansey, some double knitting and knitting technicians at work. Everyone looks content and creatively full–well done Aaron and Joe!

    It’s good to see life returning.

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