The Creativity and Expertise - NEMFKR 2021 - Veryl and Chris


While fiber arts bring unite us as a group, the fiber activities are probably the least important aspect the Men’s Knitting Retreats. Though the creativity and expertise in this group of men is truly amazing.

The Final Blog Post on NEMFKR 2021 – The Creativity and Expertise

First of all, let me explain the two areas where guys get to show off their skills at the Fall retreat.

  1. Expert Tables – we set up expert tables for a three hour slot during the retreat, where the guys can walk around learning various techniques, tools, or skills. There is demonstration, hands-on trying by the attendees and often hand-outs. This year, we had three exert tables:
    1. Rigid Heddle Weaving
    2. Circular Sock Knitting Machines
    3. Flax growing and processing for fiber
  2. Show & Tell – one night is set aside for letting the guys show off items they’ve made. The guys get up and show off anything they’re proud of and then send the item around the big circle so we can all look more closely at it.

Apologies in Advance

This event is VERY difficult to photograph. We do the Show & Tell at night, so lighting for photography sucks. The guys are trying to swirl and show their items to a big circle of men, so there’s a lot of movement. It’s impossible to document the design name, the materials used and items of note in the creation of the garment/item.  I also don’t get photos of everything, so you only get what I was able to capture on my camera.

So you’ll just have to use your imagination when it comes to the amazing work these men showed off this year.

Again, all of the photos in the video are below (with captions) in case you want to look more carefully at them.


The Creativity and Expertise - NEMFKR 2021 - Veryl and Chris
Veryl – Handspun, hand-made AMAZING piece


Chris showing all his colors in this Stephen West MKAL


Aaron’s beautiful tiger mitts


Fantastic color shawl from Aaron


Gorgeous colors from Chris


Steve Trail does more amazing knitting


Glorious colors from Steve T


Ryan’s vibrant shawl proudly displayed to all


Veryl was very busy and got to show off some amazing work


Veryl TATTED this piece!


Another view of Veryl…uh..his masterpiece, that is


Bram’s fantastic work on a hat


Matt and his cable pullover beauty


Jeffery and his amazing loose-gauge vest


Jeffery’s beautiful shawl


Jeffery’s gorgeous woven wrap


Dave’s beautiful colorwork


Dave’s fade shawl


Dave showing off amazing double-knitting


Jim’s cable/lace beauty


Bob’s beautiful Vertices Unite shawl


Joe modeling Jeffery’s handspun, hand-woven, hand-sewn cap.


Bob and his LACEWEIGHT FAIR-ISLE Cardigan (stunning!)


Farrell’s beautiful work


NEMFKR 2021 - Show and Tell - Ryan 01
Ryan and his amazing technicolor piece


NEMFKR 2021 - Chris and Derek
Chris modeling Derek’s sweater

Current Knitting

With left over yarn, I decided to add to my collection of daisy-loom flowers.


Loom Daisies 10-06-21 02

Loom Daisies 10-06-21 03

One of these days I’ll come up with something to do with these lovely little bursts of color.

I also started a new cowl project that I got as a kit at the retreat.

Shoal Cowl 10-06-21 04

It’s the Shoal Cowl by Martin Storey. It’s made using their Denim Revive yarn in two really rich colors (217-Darkness and 216-Silt).


  1. NEMFKR magic!!

    NEMFKR. Should be a word meaning something like kind hearted fabulously creative person.

    Like. “Oh, yeah, I know X. Did you see that sweater?! Handspun, too. And they are just so sweet, they’re the whole package— a real nemfkr.” Kind of like mensch but with fiber arts leanings implied.

    Thanks as always for sharing!

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