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A Knitted Gift For A Knitter

Like bringing coals to Newcastle? Is a knitted gift for a knitter something thoughtful?  I answer this with a resounding YES!

What Kind Of A Knitted Gift Would Be Good For A Knitter

Let me explained how I was gifted the hat I’m wearing in the featured photo today.

One of the new guys at the retreat last month was wearing a beautiful hat he had knitted. I told him I admired it. We discussed how mixing in a small, bright, accent stripe onto a bland background always looked rather striking.

He had just started knitting a new hat in a really classic mousy brown color. He was planning on adding a bright, neon yellow accent stripe. I thought he had made an excellent choice.  We discussed a few ideas about our preference on brims (rolled, flat, folded-up, etc.) and whether we liked slouchy or more tight fitting caps.

Little did I realize, he was interrogating me so he could design a “thank-you” hat for me! I was so surprised and pleased.

Keith Hat Gift 09-20-21 01

I honestly don’t recommend knitting gifts for other knitters. Usually.

It’s always so iffy if the person will like it, or feel obliged to wear something that took your time, skill and effort. And if the giftee is a more experienced knitter, it’s even more daring to make something for them.

So this hat was all the more valued when he gave it to me. This will become my new go-to hat as the weather gets cold. If you run into me in-person in the next few Winters, expect to see me wearing this beauty.

Current Knitting

On my two current WsIP, I am making decent progress. The HiyaHiya 9″ Circular Needle Sock is moving along quite nicely.

HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-10-21 01

I’ve turned the heel, and I’m just about to start the ribbing for the cuff. I’ll be interested to see if doing ribbing will be equally as fast and easy as plain stockinette.

The Shoal Cowl is also looking fantastic.

Shoal Cowl 10-10-21 01

I’ve finished the body on the second layer of fish. Now I just have the tail and the ribbing to go. This is such an enjoyable knit. I’m constantly looking forward to the next section and it seems to be flying off the needles.  Anyone looking for a source to get a kit for this pattern can order it through Magpie Knits. It takes four balls of Denim Revive (2 x 50 gram balls in each color).

Finally, the guys at the retreat last month will recognize this if they look closely enough.

Shoal Cowl and Stitch Marker10-10-21 02

We got these lovely ram stitch markers from Mother of Purl Yarn Shop (https://www.motherofpurlyarn.com/). I just wanted to make sure they knew how much I appreciated their contribution to each guy…and how useful it was!

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