Craft Show Season - Flemington Fine Artisans Show

Craft Show Season!!

Announcing that it’s “Craft Show Season” to most of this blog’s audience isn’t very interesting. Most readers don’t live anywhere near close enough to join.

When I Say “Craft Show Season”…

It’s not really a very long season anyway. And even blog readers from afar can see the items I’ll have for sale. In fact, you’ll be able to see which ones sell (they’ll go “out of stock” when it’s sold). Besides, I only do two craft shows each year. My criteria for doing a show is very limiting:

  1. The show has to be inside…I don’t want to set up a tent for outdoor vending
  2. Each show must be in the third quarter of the year – when it’s cold enough out where people will be interested in knitwear and when holiday gifts are being purchased.
  3. I won’t travel further than an hour from my home to participate.
  4. Finally, if it’s a juried show, the organizer must accept me and what I’m vending (that’s not been a problem so far).

Current Knitting

Nothing better than a project that flies off the needles and looks AMAZING!

Shoal Cowl 10-12-21 01

I loved how the Shoal Cowl turned out so much, that I couldn’t quite wait to finish binding off to try it on for size!

Shoal Cowl 10-12-21 01

I was able to subsequently finish binding off this beauty and wove in all the ends.


It doesn’t even look that bad inside-out.

Shoal Cowl 10-12-21 01a

From a fashion perspective, I am a little bit more ready for the colder temperatures.

Shoal Cowl 10-12-21 04

Anyone looking for a source to get a kit for this pattern can order it through Magpie Knits. It takes four balls of Denim Revive (2 x 50 gram balls in each color). And it is a really fun knit.

I also made some progress on the HiyaHiya 9″ circular sock.

HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-12-21 01

Ribbing on a 9″ circular also requires that I change my knitting technique. Well…my purling technique. More specifically, my 1×1 ribbing technique. The way I knit sucks for bringing the yarn back and forth each stitch, and the 9″ circular doesn’t make it any better or worse…just slightly different.

3 comments on “Craft Show Season!!

  1. Your Shoal Shawl is wonderful in every way.
    It’s hard to say out loud though…. “Sally sells shoal shawls by the sea shore!”
    Best wishes for the Flemington Fine Artisans Show!

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