You're Not The Boss 'O Me

You’re Not The Boss Of Me!

One of the first independent, rebellious thing children say. “You’re not the boss of me.” I said it to my older brothers, others say it to their parents.

New Conservatives’ Cry – You’re Not The Boss Of Me!

As a grade-school student, it was incredibly difficult not complying with every “norm” the cool kids were doing. When I started maturing, and getting an idea about who I was, fighting against the pervasive tide of demands from my peers was awful. And not always successful.

So many times as a gay man, it was just easier to pretend I liked girls. It was easier to lower my voice a bit. To feign an interest in sports. To act “normal.”

Society really demanded that I was a lot of things that I didn’t really want to be. For some of those things I am grateful. For others resentful.

Fast-forward to today.

Who are these petulant, so-called conservatives who bristle at the thought of a vaccine mandate?

Those same assholes who demanded that I comply years ago. The same dick-bags categorized some people as “others” and “less-than” because they weren’t like them.

Can you imagine what it’s like for them to be told by the “others” that they need to comply now?  Yeah, it’s not pretty. But honestly, they need a reality check. Having butt-hurt over being wrong about something as important as mask and vaccine mandates is childish and petulant. Worse yet, it’s dangerous. Get the fuck over it and do what’s right.

Jon Stewart recently showed this Jenifer Lewis video (NSFW…lot of swearing).

Ms. Lewis tells the truth…and it’s useful feedback if you’re willing to listen.

Current Knitting

First of all, I still don’t enjoy knitting 1×1 ribbing. Even on 9″ circulars. It’s not easier or harder…it’s about the same. My style of knitting and purling just doesn’t work well with 1×1 ribbing.

Despite that, I finished the first sock of the pair, and it’s perfect.

HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-15-21 01

You’ll note that I also started the second sock.

HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-15-21 02

I’ve just finished the increases for the toe. So it will be plain knitting for about 70 rounds now before I start the heel gussets.

I will continue to work on the second sock, but I will definitely need some other project to keep me interested. Just not sure exactly what the new project will be yet.


7 comments on “You’re Not The Boss Of Me!

    1. Hi Kay…I’m sorry to say, I don’t know. Someone put this unlabeled cake of yarn on the tag sale table at the Men’s Knitting Retreat last month and I thought I could make a nice pair of socks with it. I think I was right. It’s 2-ply and seems to be a standard superwash wool/nylon blend, but I haven’t tested it.

  1. All Cheeto had to do was swag up the masks with a MAGA logo and there would be no problem with compliance.
    Hmmmmm Maybe a Christmas idea: MAGA masks and Snowflake masks.

  2. Hi Joe
    Socks look beautiful,
    I had a hard childhood also and often find myself hugging my littleself and comforting letting him know it’s not gonna last forever life gets better. Still the cracks appear and the heartbreaks. XOXO
    I’m finishing up my Papillon Butterfly Shawl for my sister time is of the essence.☮️💖😘🌞

  3. I will not showing that to my friends who are repeteadly complaining on masks and sanitary pass here in France, and try to convince us that we (mask wearers and vaccinated people, not demonstrating for freedom etc) are stupid cowards and unaware about the reality (what reality). I lost enough “friends” on FB, I’m (almost) in a diplomatic time.
    But this video is soooooo cooool !

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