The Bearded Yarn Dude Interview snapshot 10-18-2021 01

QueerJoe Interviewed By A Bearded Yarn Dude

David, “The Bearded Yarn Dude” interviewed me for his video blog. Listen to the QueerJoe interview here:

The Bearded Yarn Dude Interview of QueerJoe

David conducts a very casual interview, which made it easy for me to gab. Some items discussed:

  • The QueerJoe blog
  • The Men’s Knitting Retreats – David attended the retreat last month…he had been to Easton Mountain before, but never the Men’s Knitting Retreat there!
  • Some of my designs
  • Some differences between the crochet and knitting communities

Come back after you’ve watched and let me know what you think!

Current Knitting/Crochet

Since David is a crocheter, and I’m bistitchual, I decided to start working on a crochet project.

Interlocking Cross Stitch Scarf 10-18-21 02

This is the Interlocking Crochet Scarf I discuss in the interview. You can see my most viewed YouTube video about the Interlocking Crochet Scarf here.

I’ve also made it up to the ribbing on the HiyaHiya 9″ Circular Sock.

HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-18-21 01

Only about 70 more rounds of 1×1 ribbing!  I anticipate that I will be keeping a sock on the HiyaHiya 9″ circulars almost all the time going forward. I focused more on this pair of socks than I usually do, so they will be finished a bit faster than most.

But it does remind me just how much faster it is to crank a pair of socks on the circular sock knitting machine.  Even when I make a LOT of mistakes, it’s still a fraction of the time to crank a sock. But it’s a totally different activity too.  I enjoy both.

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