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DoublePointed Designs – It’s That Time Again

Yes, I’m known to most folks in the fiber community as QueerJoe. But for Craft Shows and sales of knitwear, I’m DoublePointed Designs.

Craft Show Scheduled For DoublePointed Designs

I’m a little nervous. My first craft show in over two years is in a couple of weeks!

Yes, I have plenty of inventory. That’s a good thing. And yes, it’s only a one-day show. Also a good thing. My sock-cranking friend Celeste is usually at this show. Hopefully she’ll be there again this year. And the show usually attracts fantastic vendors and equally fantastic holiday shoppers.

But it’s been over two years since I packed up my car with display tables, cloths, racks, credit card readers and lots of lighting and electric cords. While I haven’t lost any sleep over it, I think that kind of sleep-difficult time is coming soon. Fortunately, I just remembered that I have done a good job of documenting a lot of what I need for the crafts shows in Microsoft OneNote!

Craft Show OneNote To Bring List

Yay me!

I’m still a bit nervous about selling in-person again. Hopefully it’s like riding a bicycle and it will all come back quickly and easily.

Come and join if you’re local! –

Current Crochet

Finished a few more rows on the Interlocking Crochet Scarf. Interlocking Crochet Scarf.

Interlocking Cross Stitch Scarf 10-22-21 01

It’s bright, but I really like it. And think it will sell quickly.

Interlocking Cross Stitch Scarf 10-22-21 03

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  1. You just gave me the best gift ever! I am doing my first craft show on Sunday, and I was just trying to make a list of what I would need. So far it says “sign” and “square reader”. A few more things are in my mind but I need to write them down! I will double check your list! Thanks and have a great time!

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