I Prefer Them Sharp - Sharply Dressed guy in a sweater

I Prefer Them Sharp!

Yes, definitely like sharply dressed guys. But I’m really talking about needles for weaving in ends. I prefer them sharp.

John James Chenille Needles Size 13 06

Why Do I Prefer Them Sharp?

You don’t need to listen to my YouTube tutorial on weaving in ends (although many have found it to be a very useful video tutorial). But when I’m weaving in ends, I want to split the yarns I’m weaving into. It both hides and secures the yarn-end in better. I also usually prefer a longer needle so I can weave in more of the end on each insertion of the needle

In the photo above, the two needles on the left have a large enough eye to thread worsted weight yarn.  They are 52.5 mm long (2.07″). And the tips are blunt. The standard type of needle most knitters and crocheters use to weave in ends.

The third needle from the left is known as a Chenille needle. Slightly bigger eye for threading and a sharp tip. It’s 58 mm (2.28″).

Finally, the furthest needle to the right is also a Chenille needle (the largest size I’ve seen available, which is Size 13 – sizes get smaller as the number goes up). A slightly larger eye for threading and a sharp tip. It’s 69 mm (2.72″).

I had been randomly finding sharp needles with big eyes at yard sales and the local flea market. But I never knew what they were called and I hadn’t been able to order them on-line. Then someone gave me a clue. He said look for “crewel needles.”  It turns out that what I was really looking for was “Chenille needles” in sizes 13-16.

So I ordered some!

John James Chenille Needles Size 13 02

They Arrived Just In Time!

Turns out that the size 13 needles work great for DK weight yarn and heavier. And I just got to this point with my half-finger gloves (in worsted weight).

John James Chenille Needles Size 13 04

You’ll see in “Current Knitting” that the new needles made an easy job of weaving in LOTS of glove-finger yarn ends.

Current Knitting

I finished the second glove of the pair, and started another pair.

Half Finger Gloves 10-28-21 01

Half Finger Gloves 10-28-21 02

Half Finger Gloves 10-28-21 03

Soon, I’ll have to inventory how many of each size glove I have in my craft show inventory. But I honestly don’t think I could have too many of these in stock. I’m thinking these will be nice, hand-knit gifts for folks this year.


3 comments on “I Prefer Them Sharp!

  1. That’s a lot of needles! Good to stick up when you find a thing you like though. You never know if they’ll stop making them.

    So, do you strew them about or keep tidy little notions kits with each project?

    I have a darning needle in the center console on my car. It used to live in the door handle where it just showed up one day and stayed for years, but my new car has different handles but by then I was used to knowing it was in the car so I found a new spot for it.

    1. Yes…lots of needles. For a few reasons. First…they come from the UK, so I figured I’d order as many as I could and just pay the same shipping. Second, I like having them strewn about all over the place. I am VERY disorganized with multiple projects, so it will be nice to have at least one of these needles in both of my regular knitting spots as well as in oft-used project bags.

      And trust me…the vacuum cleaner will have eaten a few of these in the relatively near future.

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