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It’s All About The Gloves!

As I prepare for my first Craft Show in over in two years, I’m thinking it might just be all about the gloves.

So Today’s Post Is All About The Gloves

Including the Current Knitting section.

Half-Finger Gloves 11-01-21 04  Half-Finger Gloves 11-01-21 05

My general philosophy on which hand knit/crochet items I sell at craft shows is:

  • Will it make a nice gift for someone?
  • When someone picks up the item and looks at the price, will it be more than 30% higher than what most would expect?
  • Can I make a decent profit based on the cost of the yarn and my time?
  • One last overriding criteria that bypasses any of these…does it attract people to my table even if it’s priced ridiculously high?

So the half-finger gloves meet the first three criteria. They’d make a great gift for men or women (look great, allow for using your smart-phone while wearing them and make a good presentation as a gift). Most people would expect the gloves to be at least $25 (I would guess), so a $34 price tag seems like a perfect price. Since I can make these with about $15 worth of yarn in about two nights of knitting, the profit margin is decent.

They come in two sizes (I call them Men’s Medium/Large and Men’s Small/Medium). I’ve also come up with a packaging label that is cheap and easy to produce that will make it even more presentable as a gift.

Half-Finger Gloves 11-01-21 03

The downside is that I only have about 6 pairs completed as of now. So between now and Sunday, I’m going to be focusing only on making more gloves.

Which brings me to…

Current Knitting

Evidently, I finished the pair of gloves I had started on Friday.

Half-Finger Gloves 11-01-21 01

And I’ve started the next pair and made quite a bit of headway.

Half-Finger Gloves 11-01-21 02

Hopefully I’ll have at least 10 pairs of half-finger gloves by Sunday. That should be enough to test the theory of whether they’ll be a big seller. Hopefully.

4 comments on “It’s All About The Gloves!

  1. Those are beautiful, Joe. What pattern do you use?

    I have a pattern I wrote but haven’t released because I fear the pattern support.

  2. For fiddley little tubes like those fingers, have you tried double knitting on short straight needles? Where you line up the stitches alternating front and back stitches from the tube and knit every-other stitch, slipping the apparent purl stitches until you turn your work and now knit those slipped stitches and slip those you just knit. For me this is just easier than playing with 4 dps or cable needle.

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