Not All Of My Ideas Are Good Ideas - Cat Twine keeper 11-03-21 01

Not All Of My Ideas Are Good Ideas

Seems obvious…right? And I am no exception to the rule that not all of my ideas are good ideas.

Which Of My Ideas Are Not Good Ideas?

The latest one came with a recent flea market purchase. Does anyone recognize the feature photo?

It’s a vintage twine/string holder made by a ceramics company named McCoy.

Cat Twine Keeper 11-03-21 01

Honestly, I can’t think of a more useless item. But it was cute, cheap and it was a cat playing with a ball of twine/string/yarn.

I thought…what a great “yarn bowl”!

Yarn Bowl Wood

Well…not so much. One of the reasons most yarn bowls have a little curlicue opening, is so you can put a yarn ball into it, or take it out without cutting the yarn. The cute little ceramic cat really doesn’t allow for that.

For now, this will just be another “objet” around the house that requires dusting. I may surreptitiously add it to the box of collected items for a future yard sale.

Current Knitting

I am diligently still working on half-finger gloves. And I finished the pair I showed on Monday and started a new one.

Half-Finger Gloves 11-03-21 01

I still have some ends to weave in but that won’t stop me for making as many pairs of these cute little gems as I can before Sunday’s Craft Show.


7 comments on “Not All Of My Ideas Are Good Ideas

    1. That’s the strange thing…it’s not made to hang up…it’s made to sit on the counter. And I rarely need string…I can’t tell you the last time I trussed up a chicken or pork roast.

  1. I know you wish I would say something more interesting…. But I love the yarn you are using for the fingerless gloves! Mine are getting lots of use as it gets colder.
    I started listening to your interview but there has been so little extra time with packing and moving, which is still going on…. I’ll listen to the full interview in the future. And of course, it is great!
    Best wishes!

    1. Always good to hear from you Mike. I don’t need comments to be interesting so much as thoughtful. Which yours always are…even when you’re besieged with a massive task like moving. It’s thoughtless, lazy comments that I turn my nose up at. “Nice gloves!” for instance does very little to forward the conversation. Whereas, “Nice gloves…the tweedy yarn makes for such a great fabric.” is a useful and thoughtful comment.

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