Meet Ellie - New Bust Head 11-05-21 01

Meet Ellie!

I’m happy to introduce you to my newest assistant at craft shows. She will also assist with blog photo shoots. Meet Ellie.

Technically, It’s Meet Eleanor- But She Prefers Ellie

I ran into her the other day at the flea market. We flirted a bit. I walked away, but I was hooked.

Thaddeus and I discussed her as we distractedly looked at other tables. I think he was hooked as well. Perhaps he was enchanted by her face. Me, all I could imagine was how good she’d look in my knitwear.

New Bust Head 11-05-21 02

I went back and negotiated her price for assisting me. She honestly has no idea what she’s worth. I ended up getting a bargain. She will make up for her cost with the profits from just the sale of the scarf she’s wearing.

Cheap and beautiful. The perfect combination.

Current Knitting

There’s no change in what I’m working on. Just the number of them completed since Wednesday.

Half-Finger Gloves 11-05-21 01

I finished the pair of half-finger gloves from Wednesday. The first glove of the next pair is moving along pretty fast as well.

Half-Finger Gloves 11-05-21 02

Half-Finger Gloves 11-05-21 03

I probably won’t get to ten pairs of gloves for the show on Sunday. But I’ll let you know how close I get!

3 comments on “Meet Ellie!

  1. Nice to meet you, Ellie! Our lovely old LYS is having a going out of businesses/retirement sale and the owner says she has some wicker heads in the attic that’s she’s going to put out. I keep lurking hoping to snag one!

  2. She *is* beautiful, but looking at her makes me realize how often these mannequin busts are 1) female and 2) white. As an older white woman who grew up in the rural Midwest, I am trying to make myself more aware of missing representation in all aspects of my life. I realized just how ingrained my own unconscious bias was when I experienced a little jolt of surprise a few years back when I saw a group of black women at Maryland Sheep and Wool. No reason in the world for me to NOT have internalized that people of color also knit–my guess is that it was some combination of prior lack of representation in knitting imagery and blindness on my part. This training myself to see what isn’t there is definitely a work in progress!

  3. Nice to meet you Ellie.

    In early October I was gifted a (1970’s) green glass head from my local freecycle. I never thought to give her a name, but now that I’ve met Ellie I’ll probably name her Hattie because she loves to wear the hats I knit. How fun.

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