Go West Young Man - Westward Hat 11-19-21 03

Go West Young Man

I’m a big fan of Stephen West’s earlier designs. Especially his Westward Hat design which has multiple graphic elements that say “Go West young man.”

“Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.”

This was the full quote from Horace Greeley. But back to Stephen West’s hat design.

I love the both the chevrons on the headband and the Latvian braid “V’s” both point toward the left…or the West if it was a map. If Stephen had truly wanted to be consistent, he may have pointed the cabling in the same direction. But they point downward. Not Westward. Oh well. The cabling motif is still very youthful looking to me…to it’s still in line with the Greeley quote.

So, I have a mini survey to ask of blog readers. I recently started using a new photographic software on my iPhone that is supposedly good for creating web site photographs if you sell you designs.

Normally on my web site for selling my knitwear, I would include these two photographs:

Westward Hat 11-19-21 01

Westward Hat 11-19-21 01

I will continue to include photos of mannequin heads wearing garments. Which photo would you prefer to be displayed as the primary “catalog” photo?

Westward Hat 11-19-21 01    Westward Hat 11-19-21 05

When I first started submitting craft show photos to be accepted into a show, I was given the advice to use photos only like #3.  Which would you prefer to see on the craft show web site?

Current Knitting

Clearly, I finished the Westward Hat I was working on in my last blog entry.

Westward Hat 11-19-21 07

I did modify the design a little bit. I prefer a more rounded decrease at the top.

Westward Hat 11-19-21 06

Not much difference, but I prefer my version slightly better.

Now I’m working on a new Horizontal Garter Stripe Scarf.

Horizontal Garter Striped Scarf Brights 11-22-21 02

Horizontal Garter Striped Scarf Brights 11-22-21 01

It’s very similar to the last one I made. This one uses the same multi-color yarn, but the “background” yarn will be darker. The scarf will also be longer and wider than the last one, since buyers at the craft shows seemed to think this would be a good scarf for guy gift.



12 comments on “Go West Young Man

  1. Hi Joe, Nice hat. I like the mannequin shot, and I prefer #3. Perhaps another background would be better for other colours, but here, definitely 3.

  2. Given the light color of the hat, any of the three backgrounds you used are great, in my opinion. However, if you switched the colors and had a dark colored hat, I would shift to a light background or a contrasting background, as in the dahlia colored second shot.

    1. “Dahlia colored” – I love the horticultural reference. And I think you’re right…I can use a few different backgrounds based on the color of the garment. I hadn’t considered that (believe it or not!).

  3. I like #3 (the 6th photo), and would prefer the mannequin shot to have the same lighting as your human head (the top or the 7th photo).

  4. Definitely prefer photo #3 with the white background. I also like the shot on the mannequin, but it needs better lighting.

  5. I like number 3 for the photo, especially for selling online, because the background can influence the color seen by the viewer, and you want the colors to be as true to the original as possible for the purchaser.

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