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Being “The Guy Who Knits”

Sometimes the questions can be annoying. So can the people that are shocked that I knit. But sometimes it’s good being the guy who knits.

The Bad And The Good About Being The Guy Who Knits

Any of you who know me know that I typically receive one of three different responses to my knitting:

  1. Most common – Surprise or disdain
  2. Being fawned over for such a miraculous feat of creative activity
  3. Mild interest, disinterest, or curiosity

I always prefer the third option, especially curiosity. It’s always nice when someone takes a healthy interest in something I’m so into, like fiber arts.

Being Known

We have a great little Facebook forum for my townhouse complex. We get notified of delays in garbage pick-up. Participants can ask questions about stray cats. We can organize group garage sales, etc.

I’m also Facebook friends with many of the people in that group. Mostly people who share common Facebook friends outside our complex. So, when I post publicly, some of my neighbors see my posts. And since I post a lot about knitting, many of my neighbors know that I knit.

I recently got a request from a local person if I would knit a custom Christmas Stocking. I declined. Too much other knitting going on for me right now.

Then a neighbor asked if I wanted a bag of new yarns from an ex of his. I accepted.

Neighbor Yarn 11-23-21 01

In addition to a lot of bulky acrylic yarn, there was a knitting loom with a scarf already started on it!

Current Knitting

Being neighborly, I offered to thank my neighbor for his thoughtful gift by making him a hat with the yarn he gave me.

Neighbor Hat 11-23-21 05

I loved how it turned out. But he mentioned that he had a large head, and I didn’t think this would cover his ears. So I made a second one.

Neighbor Hats 11-24-21 01

Or in the newer formatted photo:

Neighbor Hats 11-24-21 02

I’ve got a few WsiP on the needles right now. The horizontal garter-striped scarf, a new Westward Hat I started and a new pair of fingerless mitts I’m designing on the fly.

What are you working on this WIP Wednesday?

6 comments on “Being “The Guy Who Knits”

  1. when I knit in public, the most common response I get is ‘oh, my grandma crochets too.’ Often I also get told wistfully by someone that ‘I wish I had the time/patience to do that. They are usually sitting staring off into space or at a screen when they say that, of course.
    Knitting requires nothing of ones genitalia, so I think fawning, distain, shock at a male knitting is sexist — kinda like the response I get when I go into a hardware store and the clerk realizes that the tools or materials I’m buying are for ME to use.

  2. My favorite comment when knitting (or other crafting) in public: “That’s a lost art.”

    Um, no, I’m doing it *right in front of you*

  3. I too recently got one of those knitting looms. I’ve never used one but since I have a day off this Friday it is on my to do list to take it for a “spin”.

    Typically I get response #3 to my knitting.
    Sometimes when I get response #2 it is typically the yarn that gets fawned over (not me)
    I like it when I bump into another knitter and they share info or tell me about their own WIP
    I also like it when folks tell me about their grandma. Remembering one’s grandma usually brings a smile.

  4. Definitely Not a lost art. That reply cracked me up.

    It is quite sad that more male-identified folks don’t knit. I blame deep seated homophobia. Women have worked hard to be equal to men in so many areas and that’s awesome obviously, but I do wonder why we get to wear pants without notice now, but a man in a skirt is still almost unheard of. Same for knitting. Women can “be anything” more or less these days even Army rangers and helicopter pilots, but boys aren’t properly encouraged to craft. And they absolutely love it. My favorite thing about teaching elementary school was watching the boys enjoy the crazy fibers things I made up for my classes. (embroidered/appliqué no sew fleece pillow anyone?) Fiber knows no gender. Fingers crossed this is all changing ever so gradually thanks to folks like all of us reading this, right?

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