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It’s All About The Gloves

A friend asked me to design/knit a gift for her mother-in-law. That simple request started me on my latest obsession.

It Was Probably Going To Be All About The Gloves Anyway!

My friend is an incredibly thoughtful and resourceful gift-giver. Her mother-in-law lives with her and her husband and her hands are always cold. She asked if I could knit a pair of fingerless gloves for her as a birthday gift.

This request turned out to be incredibly fortuitous.

Yes, I had to come up with a design. She didn’t want half-finger gloves (for which I already have a pattern I use). So I found the softest, squishiest yarn I have and came up with a design for fingerless mitts.

Rose Fingerless Mitts 11-26-21 02

The first pair was almost perfect. The thumb was a bit too long and the finger-hole section was a bit too short. I also didn’t like the 3×1 ribbing at the top…it rolled a little too much.

I ripped out the top of the first pair and redesigned them a bit.

When I realized I could knit these quite a bit more quickly than the half-finger gloves. And that I could sell them more inexpensively ($19 a pair), I decided to knit as many pairs for this weekend’s Craft Show.

Since I can knit more than a pair a day (part of the reason they’re less expensive), I hope to have a bunch to sell this weekend.

Current Knitting

Gloves, gloves and more gloves. Just no fingers.

Rose Fingerless Mitts 11-29-21 01

Since Friday’s blog entry, I ripped out and re-knit the top of the first pair and made three additional pairs. I also redesigned an existing label/wrapper and printed up a few.

Rose Fingerless Mitts 11-29-21 03

The aqua colored gloves are done in a light worsted weight alpaca yarn. The other three are in one of the nicest yarns I’ve worked with…it’s a Cormo/alpaca blend yarn from Running Wild Yarn.

Wish me luck as I knit lots of gloves this week!

6 comments on “It’s All About The Gloves

  1. Fingerless mitts are one of my favorite accessories, both to wear and to knit! Great design – yours look lovely and the yarn seems perfect for them!

  2. Do you have a written pattern for the half finger gloves? I would like to buy it for my sister-in-law who is a birder and still needs to use her fingers for the binoculars. Thanks

    1. I’m assuming you really mean the half-finger and not the fingerless mitts. Although, technically, I don’t have a pattern for either. For the half-finger gloves, I use a pattern by Aaron Bush called Choose Your Own Cable Adventure Gloves. But I modify the pattern in two ways. I don’t add a cable motif to my gloves (but it does require me to add two stitches to the hand of the glove to keep my stitch counts the same). I also don’t knit full fingers as his pattern calls for. I only knit 5 rounds of finger and then finish with 2 rounds of 1×1 rib at the top before binding off each finger.

  3. I was wearing a pair of fingerless mitts and my favourite SIL asked where she could get a pair. Apparently a closed in mitt give her fingers the creeps! She gets a new pair every year. I mentioned the “creeps” to a few people, and they felt the same way. They should sell well

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