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Should I Throw This Bag Out?

Can you be a hoarder of just certain things? Project and notion bags perhaps. So when Thaddeus asks, “Should I throw this bag out?”

What Is Your Answer To “Should I Throw This Bag Out?”

For me, the answer is almost always “no”.

Which is the correct answer…right?

Yes, I have hundreds of project/notion/gift bags around the house. Yes, I often forget what is in them and they go missing for months and/or years at a time. But how can you throw out a perfectly good bag?

Thaddeus ordered some face moisturizing cream. He got a cheap, vinyl, sparkly, pink cosmetic bag for free with his purchase.

Glitter Bag 12-17-21 02

He was about to throw it out when I saved it. Thank Dog! I mean it was the perfect size for a sock project or to carry around needles and notions inside a larger project bag.

Glitter Bag 12-17-21 04

I put it to good use right away with my current project. But it will probably become a notions/needles bag later on in its life.

So, I ask you. Is this visionary thinking? Or a compulsion for which I should seek professional help?

Current Knitting

I finished the other three sizes of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts.

Overall, I’m not overly pleased. I basically just used the pattern for the first three sizes but used worsted weight yarn and US7 (4.5 mm) needles. The resulting fabric is a bit looser than I would prefer. I’ll probably try worsted on US6 (4 mm) needles and see if I like that better.

The other thing that sucks about using two different weights of yarn/needles in a pattern is that Ravelry does’t really let you have two on the published pattern. I think I will only include the smaller three sizes in the pattern with a note on how to make larger sizes.

For me, the two middle sizes fit my hand the best.

Thoughts? Which would you prefer?

12 comments on “Should I Throw This Bag Out?

  1. The grey ones make your hand look bigger, yet they look less bulky and more flexible than the brown ones. And the brown ones look like they might be more softer

  2. I like some negative ease in fingerless mitts so they don’t feel like they’re constantly sliding toward/off my fingertips. So far, the best I’ve found are ribbed all the way from the cast on to the bind off (with a simple gusset for the thumb that you then bind off; no picking up and knitting thumb stitches). Yours look really nice; I’d go with the darker/smaller pair, above if it were me.

  3. Just because you can see the potential in something others would discard doesn’t mean you need help. It means you are creative. When an item is ready to move on it will let you know. Have a lovely holiday!

      1. Creative hoarding. I like the concept but the hoarding part always sounds so negative. Creative Arts Media Accumulation ot something a little more high falutin’ maybe. Ooh this Also abbreviates to CAMA which maybe means bed in Spanish if I recall correctly, so sounds cozy.

  4. No. I can’t remember the number of times I have not thrown something away and it gets repurposed very soon afterwards. I am always so happy that I did not throw it away.

  5. Yes, keep the bags!! I do the same thing. It helps me to have a certain bag for my take along projects. The mitts, I like the fit of the brown ones. 😀

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