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Pattern Is Published!

Yes, the Rose’s Fingerless Mitts pattern is published! While it may seem like an easy thing to do, ask any designer all that goes into the process.

What Goes Into Getting A Pattern Published

So, for those designers who have done this, you can skip to “Current Knitting.”

You know that you need to know the yarn and needles needed (in both imperial and metric…yards, meters, US needle size, millimeter). Gauge needs to be measured…how many stitches to the inch (or 4 inch). Also, for what stitch pattern. Abbreviations, pictorials for some techniques, photos for the pattern all must be included.

And that doesn’t even include the instructions and charts. One missing parenthesis and your instruction is indecipherable. Also, you need to have stitch counts at the end of any rows where the stitch count changes. And stitch counts for all different sizes.

Once the pattern is all written, laid out beautifully and checked (over and over). Then you have to enter all this information into Ravelry.

So, I know this is a whiny blog post. But honestly, publishing a pattern must be a bit like delivering a baby for women. I keep forgetting how involved and persnickety the process is. And painful.

All that being said, I am very excited to have gotten this pattern written and published (in case you didn’t notice the exclamation point in the blog title).

Even Better News!

Blog readers can get the pattern for 50% off. It normally costs $2.50, but for the first two days if you use coupon code blog50 before midnight (Eastern U.S./Canada time) on Tuesday, it’s only $1.25.

Current Knitting

I guess it should be no surprise that I’ve been working on Rose’s Fingerless Mitts.

Roses Fingerless Mitts 12-20-21 02

Roses Fingerless Mitts 12-20-21 01

I finished the pairs for the larger-sized mitts and now have to complete the same for the smaller size.

I’ve also ordered some “test yarn” to make a boatload of these beauties for next year’s artisan/craft shows.

7 comments on “Pattern Is Published!

  1. A perfect gift to make up for friends and family. Thanks for taking the time publish it……oh and thanks for the discount code too πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Graeme…I’m getting pretty fast at knitting these up…in a normal day of knitting, I can do 2-3 mitts (depending on which size I’m doing).

      Could you also add any projects for these to Ravelry?

  2. This is not a whiny post at all.

    Rather, it is a post that you shared to celebrate an accomplishment.
    As a pattern user (rather than designer) I tend to take for granted that the pattern is correct, readable and specific.
    There are a lot of details for sure.

    So- let the celebrations begin: Whoot whoot!!

  3. I always swear I won’t purchase another pattern – especially when there are plenty of free ones on Ravelry for similar items. However there are times when I see something I *know* will be letter perfect and not hassle me. This is one of those times. You’ve never steered me wrong, Joe, and these are now in my library. Thanks for the coupon and when I mess up these mittens I’m making to felt I make these mitts so I feel better. Happy Holidays.

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