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Merry Christmas!

Having a Merry Christmas has always been easy for me. For those who struggle this time of year, I’m hopeful you can squeeze some joy out of the season.

Memories Of A Merry Christmas

For me, growing up in a family with six siblings, Christmas was always anticipated with frenzied excitement. And that excitement was stoked by everyone around me. Parents, siblings, the church, television, shopping malls…etc. Sometimes it felt like I’d burst. 5:00 AM on Christmas morning just couldn’t come soon enough.

There have been decades of more calm Christmas seasons under my belt. Some of them more sad than calm even. They kind of put a hardened crust around my feelings this time of year. This year, we opted not to travel to see family. And I miss them. We’ve also postponed our extended Christmas celebration with our good friend Charles.

I also know there are those struggling to reconcile the grief of life with what “should” be a happy time.

My wish for everyone is they get at least a glimpse of joy this Christmas morning.

Current Knitting

Continuing on with making more pairs of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts.

Roses Fingerless Mitts 12-24-21 01

One pair finished and a second pair started.  If I’m careful enough with weaving in ends, the mitts are even reversible.

Roses Fingerless Mitts 12-24-21 02

I love how this yarn works with the pattern. It’s short enough lengths of color that each color remains distinct, and it doesn’t pool and/or stripe in ugly ways.

And I remember what yarn it is!

Briar Rose Wistful - Alpaca Merino Silk Worsted

It’s a yarn from Briar Rose called Wistful. Wistful is a worsted weight yarn blend of Merino, Alpaca and Silk. It’s no longer on their web site, but their Whisper Yarn is a DK version of the same blend. And that would probably work even better in this pattern (since it calls for Sport weight).

I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out before now! Briar Rose dyeing is such a distinctive look.

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