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Balanced Knitting

With all the “production knitting” I’ve been doing the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about balanced knitting.

What Is Balanced Knitting For You?

Knitting is somewhat obsessive for me, as it is for many knitters I know. But maybe not so much. Obsessive is often the opposite of balance in my experience.

And yet I crave a certain kind of variety in my knitting.

I’ve been über-focused on the Rose’s Fingerless Mitts for weeks now. Making as many as I could for my last craft show. Writing the pattern for the mitts. Taping the Right and Left-Leaning Invisible Increase tutorial. Ordering yarn to make more of them. And now, establishing a large enough inventory of them for next year’s craft shows.

Benefits Of Obsessive Knitting

The nice part about obsessing on one item, is that I can practically make the little beauties in my sleep. All of the tools and notions are out and at-hand (needles, stitch markers, stitch holder, darning needle, and scissors). The pattern is burned into my brain. So, of course, knitting them is quicker for me. If I were to put them down and start on other projects, I would have to re-acquaint myself with the process. Remind myself how many increases for each size of mitt, etc.

Downside of Obsessive Knitting

Production knitting is boring. Even for blog readers, I’m sure. Especially if blog posts are dependent on interesting “Current Knitting” sections.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t grown tired of making these knits. I have some new yarn to try out with them. And I will have some MORE new yarn to try out with them next week. You’ll even notice that the feature photo today shows me that I have enough of the Running Wild Yarn Cormo/Alpaca blend to make one more pair of medium size mitts with it!

So, feel free to put the blog on hiatus if you don’t care to read about these mitts for the next few weeks.  I’ll be back to knitting other things in a couple of weeks. Or if you enjoy reading about it, feel free to KAL with me!

Current Knitting

You guessed it…Rose’s Fingerless Mitts!

Yes, I’ve added two more pairs to the inventory using the Briar Rose yarn. And I have enough of that yarn to make at least a couple more pairs.

6 comments on “Balanced Knitting

  1. I keep meaning to go buy this pattern but I am such a squirrel brain that I haven’t yet! I like the variegated yarn. Knitting is about more than fancy new projects and complicated design. I like these posts. 😉

  2. I bought your pattern and it is very well written, clear and concise. I am looking forward to your tutorial on left leaning invisible increases as mine look really wonky. Happy holidays!

  3. I appreciate that you continue to blog frequently, especially since many other knit-bloggers have fallen away. I like seeing your yarn choices, and enjoy hearing your voice, even when the pattern doesn’t change. So thanks — no apology needed.

  4. The wonderful thing about having your own blog is that you get to write whatever you want. I love reading about your knitting, craft shows, retreats, and being a retired white collar corporate.guy. I find it all interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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