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The Spousal Contribution

Can you imagine what it would take to replace the spousal contribution to your relationship (if you have a spouse)?

Inventorying The Spousal Contribution

How difficult would it be to replace your spouse if they/he/she was no longer around?

Perhaps it’s not something you’d like to consider. Either because considering a spouse’s death or a divorce…or even an alien abduction isn’t really something most people like to think about. Or, realizing how little there is to replace might cause a resentment.

Either way, not a great topic for a cheerful discussion. But I still think it’s an important situation to consider.

If I Suddenly Found Myself Single

Yes, there would be much grief and sadness. Also, I would have to make accommodations for a few things.

  • Cat feeding and veterinary care for Finn.
  • Litter box duty.
  • Also, garbage day duties.
  • Meal planning and associated grocery planning.
  • About 80% of cooking responsibilities.
  • All entertainment choices (movie, music, television).
  • Automobile maintenance, registration, inspection, etc.
  • House maintenance, upkeep:
    • Fixing, replacing or calling someone to fix or replace anything broken in the house.
    • Appliance upkeep (furnace filters, winterizing outdoor faucets, humidifier upkeep, etc.).
  • Gardening/landscaping (not a lot right now, and even less if it was left up to me).
  • Laundry. Yes, Thaddeus does all the laundry.

Fortunately, I have the finances of the household all set. When I was still working, I only had two jobs. First, I had to provide income. Also, I had to do finances. So, that includes bill paying, investments, account management, and taxes. Since retirement, I’ve taken on cat brushing and housecleaning.

I think I’d need a manservant to replace what I currently have.

How about you? Would you be able to pick up the slack if you needed to?

Current Knitting

I finished the second of the pair of fingerless mitts and also started a second pair.

Roses Fingerless Mitts 01-05-22 01

Roses Fingerless Mitts 01-05-22 02

Roses Fingerless Mitts 01-05-22 03

Unfortunately, I don’t think this yarn works well enough for my purposes. The yarn is “Marshmallow Cream” by Abundant Earth Fiber. Yes, it’s gloriously soft and warm. The blend of soft/squishy Cormo with their beautiful alpaca fibers is a fantastic yarn.

First, it’s a bit too pricey to be able to hit the price-point I want for these mitts. It’s worth every penny, but not as profitable as I need it to be. It’s also a bit lighter-weight than I had hoped. It makes for a slightly smaller mitt even when I use the same size needles. Finally, it’s got a little bit too much barnyard debris in the yarn. I don’t mind picking small bits of hay and nettle out of yarn. But for production knitting, it slows me down just a little more than I prefer.

Despite that, I will still use all five hanks of the yarn to make Rose’s Fingerless Mitts for craft show sales. I have one more batch of cormo/alpaca blend yarn on order. I’m hopeful it will be perfect for this craft-show item.

Stay tuned!

8 comments on “The Spousal Contribution

  1. I am in that situation. lost my spouse a little over 2 years ago after 48 years together. One simply has to deal with it. Yea it sucks…but one foot in front of the other.

    1. I would hope I would have an equally pragmatic attitude about it…especially after 48 years. Like LauraRose, I think I would have to downsize…maybe even to a rental where I wouldn’t be responsible for any maintenance. But adding a that big of a change to an already huge change might be too much.

  2. “Or, realizing how little there is to replace might cause a resentment.“

    I am still

    I would almost certainly have to move into a condo or something because ALL of the maintenance is done by my former-contractor husband (current husband to be clear). The gutters would fill up and rip off the house and the weeds would obscure the flaking paint of the windows as I crafted away in front of the hs fireplace eating canned soup and grilled cheese.

    I also
    Laughed at your reference to alien abductions because that is our joke when we can’t find each other. Or if I actually do an unusual chore, we joke that I have been replaced by an alien.

    I think all he would have to do was learn to scoop the litter.

  3. “A Man Needs A Maid” (Neil Young) is a refrain I often muse to myself.

    On quite a different subject, Joe, have you ever considered making small size ‘gaitors’ for toddlers and young children? I made one for a 2 year old great-nephew and it’s been very appreciated. As I suspected, it’s much easier to place over a little one’s head to keep his/her neck warm, there aren’t the long ends of a scarf to flop around, and a child is less likely to remove it.
    It might be something quick and easy to make for your sales inventory.

    Amy (a first time commenter, but an daily follower)

  4. So much meat today. :b

    My first thought to ask if you’re lovely partner had a male sibling. And then I had to be honest and admit I’m a Thaddeus. As cats lack opposable thumbs, if I don’t do it…… I have been fortunate to have a family friend do the investment/planning piece. Recently on my own again after that disastrous relationship I should have never taken long term, complete control feels pretty good. Even being the main bread winner. I would, however pay for someone else to choose what to watch. I’m a knitter, darn it, movies and shows are background filler. Alien, you say? Bring him on!

    I need someone to read the newspaper aloud. Someone to make a really good cup of coffee. And not just my knitting stash.

    Mitts. We need to talk. Name your price. They’re not only practical but the lightweight cream is perfect for the PNW! And they would fit!!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa…it seems you have more experience in the “both sides” aspect of this and that your skills are similar to Thaddeus’. And I tell Thaddeus all the time that the television/movies/shows he selects are really only background noise for me…lol.

      I have put all the mitts I currently have in inventory on the Craft Show web site –

      While the prices is cheap ($19 a pair), the shipping is $8.

      Or you could make yourself a pair…that Marshmallow yarn is from out your way on Whidby Island (I think)…Abundant Earth Fibers –

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