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Remote Photos

Can you imagine if you had the capability of accessing someone else’s phone? And taking remote photos anytime you wanted?

Remote Photos From Someone Else’s Phone Might Not Be All That!

Most probably, you’d get a lot of photos like today’s feature photo. The ceiling above their phone charger. Or the inside of their pocket.

Remote Photos 01-21-22 02

One of the features of the Apple Watch is the ability to use the watch as a remote shutter for my iPhone camera.

I didn’t realize that. And I’m very excited by it.

As a blog reader…especially if you’re one who doesn’t blog themselves, it’s rare you ask yourself how I take certain photos.  Honestly, even when I’m reading others’ blogs, I rarely think of what it takes to take a photo. But when you take a photo of yourself wearing gloves, for instance. How did you take a photo of both your hands without using your hands?

Or a photo wearing socks. Positioning your feet so that a unique heel is captured in the photo. And making sure there are no strange creases in the sock because of how you have to contort your body to take a photo.

Not all of these issues goes away with remote shutter. But some do.

For now, I’ll just show you a few random photos I took remotely.

       Remote Photos 01-21-22 05

One final note about this. I’ll be able to MUCH more easily take the group photos at the Men’s Knitting Retreats at Easton Mountain.

Current Knitting

Now that I can speed through a Snug Gaiter, I finished two of them since Wednesday.

Snug Cowl Gaitors 01-21-22-01

I’m going to show them all with the knit-side out, since that’s how I’ll display them at craft shows.

I only have three colors of this yarn in my stash, so I only have four different versions of the cowl.

Snug Cowl Gaitors 01-21-22-03

I have a little bit left of the aqua color, so I may decide to try a three-color helical cowl/gaiter. We’ll see how that goes.

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