Sees Valentine Chocolates

Valentines Day Knitters Gifts

Love a knitter or If you are a knitter and love yourself? Then you may want to order your Valentines Day knitters gifts now to have it in time.

What Other Valentine’s Day Knitters Gifts Do You Want?

Here’s my list. Feel free to add yours in comments.

Heart Stitch Markers

Addi Heart Stitch Markers

These wonderful little stitch markers by Addi would look great on a project all year long. They also open, which I prefer in a stitch marker.


Lykke Blush Needle Set

Lykee Blush 5 inch Interchangeable Needles Pink Fuchsia

I have had severe needle-envy ever since I saw this set of Blush colored 5″ Lykke Interchangeables!


Pink Needle Gauge!

If I’m going to have “blush” needles, I’ll need an appropriate needle gauge…no?


Extra Readers!

Has your eyesight changed. Need stronger readers? Get a few pairs of inexpensive readers to have in all those nooks where you knit.


Knitter’s Relief Balm with CBD

Knitters Relief Balm with CBD

With the amount that I knit, I will always look for ways of easing achey, sore muscles. Knitter’s Relief Balm with CBD is the only product I recommend highly on my blog all the time. Try it if you haven’t already. Or just come massage some into my neck and shoulders…you’ll get the benefit of it on your hands. Win-win!


When All Else Fails – Chocolate!

Sees Valentine Chocolates

If none of this appeals to you, chocolates are always good.


What else have you got?

Current Knitting

I’m back to making Rose’s Fingerless Mitts. Technically, I’ve completed a pair.

Roses Fingerless Mitts 01-26-22 02

Yes, they’re a mismatched pair. My attention deficit disorder kicked in a bit. After finishing the first cream colored glove, I was itching to try the new cormo/alpaca blend.

Two more completely different yarns I don’t think I’ve ever knit. The cream color yarn is soft and squishy and almost delicate. The gray yarn is coarse, scratchy, sturdy and very warm.  Both are allegedly made with Cormo and Alpaca. I’m hoping the gray one will wash up MUCH softer and squishier.

And now I have to get to making the second mitt for each pair!


2 comments on “Valentines Day Knitters Gifts

  1. I’m curious what you think of the cables on your Lykke’s now that they’ve had some use. Do the cables show a distinct bend where the plastic meets the metal? My hiya hiya (which I love) do and it annoys me. I think it slows me down a tiny bit when I shuffle stitches around, but that may just be all in my head since they don’t look perfect anymore.

    1. I use my Lykke Driftwood set all the time. There are often multiple projects on different needles/cables and I definitely don’t have a bend where the plastic meets the metal.

      Actually, I’ve ordered a late Christmas present for myself of the set of Blush needles and my understanding is that the join of the cable to the fastener end now swivels. So I’ll let you know if that makes any difference. I’m scheduled to get them within a day or two!

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