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Best New-Knitter Book

Do you have a go-to book for people who want to learn? For guys wanting to learn, this is the best new-knitter book in my library.

What’s In Your Best New-Knitter Book?

While I would prefer a book written by a guy, this is my favorite book for guys who want to learn to knit. Kristin Spurkland’s “The Knitting Man(ual)” (promotional link) has all the things I look for.

  • Beginner-knitting instructions (all the basics…cast-on, knit, purl)
  • Good illustrations
  • Patterns for men
  • Beginner to advanced patterns
  • Well-designed publication with lots of great photos

The “learn to knit” instructions are definitely not as comprehensive as other learn-to-knit books. But they are clearer and more comprehensive than the Patons booklet I learned from 35 or so years ago. And they are definitely sufficient. Especially since most people rely on YouTube video knitting tutorials for most learning these days anyway.

What I like most about the book is that it presents a number of projects guys really want to make.

Is there anything else you look for in a learn-to-knit book (promotional link)?

Current Knitting

I finished the second mitt of two pairs of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts.

Roses Fingerless Mitts Gray 01-30-22 01

Roses Fingerless Mitts Gray and Marshmallow Cream 01-30-22 01

Roses Fingerless Mitts Marshmallow Cream 01-30-22 01

I would have posted this Friday, but I went into a weird sort of funk about knitting on Friday. No project seemed appealing. So I focused on fixing blog photos from 2007 so that I can try and clean up all the old blog platform issues. Yes, I’m STILL working on that!

As I was looking through my stash to re-spark interest, I found more of the light blue yarn I used for the Snug Cowl/Gaiters.

So I made a simple one with two, two-row stripes. This is a great little design that lets me understand more and more the specifics of helical knitting. I will be leading a workshop on helical striped knitting at the men’s knitting retreat in May, and I’ve been developing the workshop while I knit this garment.

3 comments on “Best New-Knitter Book

  1. My main desire for beginning knitting books is super Uber clear basic directions. The all time best I have ever found is Melanie Falcik (something took wrong with that spelling) Kids Knitting. It is so rad. And it has just as many boys in the pictures as girls. No advanced patterns but some great starter projects like blankets and a snake for shaping.

  2. Early on, I came to knitting without much instruction. And then I went to Youtube tutorials for double-knitting. I didn’t have much basic knowledge. I used Nathan Taylor’s (Sockmatician) book “Guys Knit.” I found the book informative, helpful and I enjoyed the scarf and hat projects.

  3. I also bought Nathan Taylor’s “Guys Knit” for my husband. He taught himself to knit using this book and the associated videos.
    He even got a kick out of Taylor’s “Guy’s Knit- the Musical”
    (very clever)

    I’m going to have to add the The Knitting Man(ual): 20+ Projects for Guys to my husband’s fiber library. He’s still in “Scarfland” but wants to knit his way out. Now that he is retired, he has some time to learn new things.

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