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You Spot It You Got It

Ever hear the expression, “You spot it, you got it?”  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as I’m assassinating someone’s character in my mind.

When “You Spot It You Got It” Is A Useful Tool

Whenever I find a flaw in someone else’s character, there’s a possibility that I have the same flaw in my own character. And if it makes me mad, I got it bad. Or so the expression goes.

I don’t always agree with this. Sometimes my character flaws are historical, and no longer quite so true. But I still find them annoying in others. I think it’s the fear that I might revert back, that causes the annoyance. Maybe?  Not sure.

Recently I’ve found myself annoyed with someone who seems to be conceited, boastful and self-serving. And all their boasting is supposedly about spiritual growth. I’ve found myself being annoyed with them. I may have even been gossiping about them. But I’m definitely letting this person occupy more space in my head than I should. And my reaction seems bigger than it should be for something that doesn’t affect me in the least.

This reaction seemed to demand some level of self-reflection. Am I conceited, boastful and/or self-serving? Have I been in the past?  Have I tried to disguise these character flaws as spiritual growth?  Are some of these character traits coming back?

I did a review of historical blog entries that were allegedly about spiritual growth.

It seemed like I was earnestly looking to grow. It didn’t seem like my intention was to boast.

But I’m grateful to have a reminder to review…a tool like this idea for identifying my own possible character flaws by my reaction to others.

It is also very clear, I need to thank this person for allowing me the opportunity to grow. I have no idea what this person’s struggles are or what path they should be walking to get where they need to be. So I will focus on bettering myself and try to remember to be kind and love the journey others are pursuing.

And just so you know…if you’re reading this, it is definitely NOT you that I’m talking about.

Current Knitting

I finished another pair of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts.

Roses Fingerless Mitts 02-09-22 01

These are made with the coned yarn and have not yet been washed/fulled.

This shows the newly-knit pair on top and the first pair below….only one mitt is washed/bloomed. Can you tell which one?

3 comments on “You Spot It You Got It

    1. Hahaha…you’re the last person I’d be talking about. And you are one of the few people who know who I’m talking about (I think). The only reason I wrote that last sentence is that if I were reading this, I might have worried the writer was talking about me!

  1. I’ve got a strong urge to listen to You’re So Vain after reading this. Everyone who isn’t a candidate is thinking “is it me?” when the one who it’s about is thinking “that’s not me.”

    The difference in blocking with that yarn is astounding. It took me a while to figure out why homespun doesn’t change much (blooming or size) when I block it. I’m pretty sure it’s because I thoroughly wash my homespun but most mill spun yarn has oils from machines and is steamed instead of washed.

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