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Can This Ever Be Bad?

Getting a styrofoam package on your doorstep with the words “Highly Perishable Frozen…” Can this ever be bad?

Can This Ever Be Bad?…The Answer is No!

Bacon of The Month Club? Protein-pack of Omaha Steaks and Prime Rib? Two dozen oysters? Or a birthday cake?

Regardless, I always love seeing these kinds of packages arrive.

Many of you know, Thaddeus‘ birthday falls on Valentine’s Day, so this styrofoam joy-box is his birthday cake. Since he saw it arrive, we decided to begin celebrating his 68th birthday a little early.

Thaddeus Birthday Cake 02-10-21 01

One positive aspect of COVID was finding this cake/candy company. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen  makes the best coconut layer cake (by far) that I’ve ever had. The cake/sponge is moist and flavorful. The coconut is also moist and flavorful. And the icing is smooth and sweet and delicious.  And if you don’t like coconut, I can also HIGHLY recommend the Caramel Cake.

Those are the only cakes we’ve had from this company, but I would definitely try any others without fear! One of these days, we may try some of their candy as well.

Current Knitting

I knit another Snug Cowl/Gaiter. But this time it’s slightly different.

Snug Cowl/Gaiter 02-10-21 01

Yes, it looks the same as the last on in this colorway.

Snug Cowl/Gaiter 02-10-21 02

Except for how the striping was done. In the latest one, I didn’t use the helical striping method.  So the “jog” is somewhat evident.

Snug Cowl/Gaiter 02-10-21 03

And for those of you who prefer the other-side-out, the latest one shows that the yarn color not being knit was carried up at the beginning of the round.

Snug Cowl/Gaiter 02-10-21 04

The difference is particularly striking when I’m knitting with three colors. This cowl/gaiter won’t be sold. It was made as a demonstration for a workshop on helical striped knitting at the upcoming Men’s Knitting Retreat in May. I wanted to show the differences between regular striped knitting in-the-round and helical striped knitting.

6 comments on “Can This Ever Be Bad?

  1. So what is the difference? I mean why would we use this helical thing? Is it to stop the “jog” issue? And that cake looks amazing. happy Birthday to Thaddeus!

    1. Two big differences with helical striped knitting:
      1. No jog since you knit continues spirals on top of each other with no transition at the end of each round
      2. No carrying up the unused color on the inside, so the garment can now be completely reversible

  2. Happy B-day, Thaddeus!
    Love seeing the Fiesta plates. Do you use just the 2 colors? I have a large collection, about 30 different shades.

    Thanks for blogging, I love the little peeks into another knitter’s life/work/process😀

  3. Happy Birthday! to Thaddeus!
    and good to know about Savannah Candy Kitchen and their safe baked goods delivery.
    Your knitting insights are so helpful and I’m glad you’ve found a brief diversion with the gaiters. They’re all wonderful.
    Your last weeks blog and video about the Hand of Yarn was thought-provoking. I’ve found that there’s nothing identical about knitting and the end product. It’s so helpful to have instructions, insights and dialog with those who are more experienced.
    Thank you!

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