Let Them Eat Cake and Chocolate covered Strawberries 02-14-22 01

Let Them Eat Cake…

…and candy and oysters on Thaddeus’ birthday and Valentine’s Day. Nothing makes us happier than eating. So let them eat cake.

There Remains One Last Piece – So, Let Them Eat Cake

Ordering cake in the mail can’t always guarantee that it will arrive on the exact day of a celebration. Plus, it comes frozen, and requires some level of re-freezing, removal of packaging and defrosting.

That’s why we started eating cake last week.

But we saved one piece (each) for the actual birthday celebration today.

Birthday Cake and Tea 02-14-22 01

Thaddeus also loves oysters, and has become proficient at shucking them.

Thaddeus and Oyster Lover 02-14-22 01

Finally there is chocolate covered strawberries and other candy to consume.

Valentine Candy Pierres Chocolates Chocolate Covered Fruit 02-14-22 01

Our local chocolatier (Pierre’s Chocolates) does a really nice job of chocolate covered fruits (which Thaddeus loves). So Dr. Atkins can suck it for a week or so.

I know many folks don’t celebrate the faux-holiday today, but please join me in wishing Thaddeus a happy birthday.

Current Knitting

In all the pre-holiday/pre-holiday festivities, I was still able to finish another pair of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts using the coned yarn.

Roses Fingerless Mitts 02-14-22 01

I will use up the full cone on as many pairs as I can, and then wash/full them all when they’re finished. My superpower of perseverance will be useful in this endeavor.

9 comments on “Let Them Eat Cake…

  1. Happy Birthday Thaddeus. Have a fantastic day with Joe and all those treats! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! That cake looks so incredible! (I made a Tres Leches Cake for Valentine’s Day.)
    I’m typing while wearing your fingerless mitts. Fred said, “Make Joe knows you love them and be sure you thank him!”
    Ha, ha! I do! Over and over and over! They are beyond super!
    Enjoy your day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Thaddeus!

    Joe, would you be willing to share the yarn that Thaddeus’ hat is knit in? That day-glo is fantastic!

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