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Hope That Your Name Isn’t Eric Jones

Never hosted a WordPress site? You wouldn’t know how much spam comes from an asshole named Eric Jones.

Hope That Your Name Isn't Eric Jones

So Just Hope That Your Name Isn’t Eric Jones…

…if you want to interact with me, that is.

I think his spam is automated. And I think the automation searches for contact forms. I use a plug-in for my forms called Formidable Forms which seems to attract Eric’s bot on all my WordPress sites.

There are ways of reducing the amount of his spam. You can put in a “honeypot” field on your form that humans can’t see. So, if he automatedly fills it in, you know it’s a bot. If you pay for Formidable Pro, you can also exclude him using certain key words.

But my question is…does anyone ever reach out to this guy’s advertised web sites?

I have to admit, his spam turns me away from doing business. Just like my extended car warranty calls.

Could you imagine be constantly harangued to read QueerJoe? With no ability to unsubscribe that you could trust? (and by the way, when you sign up for my newsletter, you are offered the chance to cancel in every e-mail you get from me)

Knitter’s Relief Balm

Chiki Buttah, the makers of Knitter’s Relief Balm is having a 22% off sale if anyone was hoping to try their product (which I highly recommend…I just used it to get rid of a tension headache).

To celebrate 2022, you can save 22% off ALL Chiki Buttah products today! Hurry, offer ends Sunday, February 20th.

Current Knitting

I finished the Snug Cowl/Gaiter with 2 four-round stripes.

Snug Cowl Gaiter 02-16-22 01

I will never do this again…the tangles were painful.

But I also used some of the leftover yarn to make a hunter’s cap.

Hunters Cap Orange PomPom 02-18-22 01

I had to try it on to see when to begin decreases.

Hunters Cap Orange PomPom QueerJoe 02-18-22 01

Hats aren’t my thing, and orange isn’t a real good color for me. But, this bright orange goes over well with some of the hunting crowd in Flemington, New Jersey.

Snug Cowl Gaiter and Hunters Cap PomPom Orange 02-16-22 02

But Thaddeus likes it too, so it may never see a craft show table.

6 comments on “Hope That Your Name Isn’t Eric Jones

    1. Marie-Helene…do you mean for the Snug Cowl/Gaiters? The top and bottom edges are just i-cord. I do 89 rounds of 5-stitch i-cord to start and then pick up 88 stitches across the top of the i-cord. Thank when the cowl is finished, I do a standard i-cord bind-off.

  1. OMG, I get spam from Eric Jones ALL THE TIME through the contact form on my website (which the designer added without asking me OR using a captcha…you can imagine how much spam I get, but often there will be half a dozen messages in a row from Eric Jones).

    1. Just to be fair, even CAPTCHA doesn’t stop this asshole some how it gets past a lot of different automated spam protection.

      On some of my websites, I have Formidable Pro which allows me to conditionally disable the submit button on forms and this seemed to help a lot. But it was a pain adding his name to every form. And god forbid someone actually named Eric Jones wanted to contact me!

  2. What is the exact name of Knitters Relief Balm. I can not find it, by that name, on their site?

    Greatly enjoy your site.

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