So Beautiful - Nic White Alpaca Silk Roving Braid 02-25-22 02

So Beautiful!

The concept of beauty is so subjective. But there are certain combinations of color and texture that immediately generate the comment, “So beautiful!”

My Latest Discovery – So Beautiful!

Those of  you who read this blog often know what I like.

Deep, saturated, vibrant, interesting, and colorful.

Kaffe Fassett was the first I ever noticed had the ability to put together unusually interesting colors in a way that I found very beautiful. From a commercial perspective, I’ve also found Noro to be innovative and beautiful. Koigu is another company I’ve loved. More recently, I’ve really been enjoying the colors of Uneek yarns by Urth.

Over the years, I’ve found a number of indy dyers whose work I adore as well. But you have to strike fast on those sometimes. Dyers like Groovy Hues didn’t make it through the pandemic.

Fast-forward to today. I’m in love with two fibers today. The first is a very commercial yarn.

Cascade Eco and Hemp DK 02-25-22 01

This is a Cascade yarn called Eco + Hemp. It’s a DK weight yarn with 80% Peruvian Wool and 20% hemp. I just love the vibrancy and saturation of the colors.

The other fiber is a roving by Nic White.

It’s a braid of alpaca and silk that I can’t WAIT to spin! I loved it so much, I purchased over a pound of roving, and it was even nicer looking when it arrived than Nic’s photos. It’s amazing how silk soaks up and displays such a lustrous bounty of color!

What is your color aesthetic?

Current Knitting

I’m glad I continued on with the Garter Stripe Shawl that I wasn’t liking in the last blog post.

The colorful yarn happens to be the Uneek Fingering yarns, and as they start to change and emerge, I’m liking them more and more!

Garter Stripe Shawl 02-25-22 02

I’m also continuing to love the icord selvedge edges. On one side it’s all one color and the other it’s striping like the fabric. No one will notice it, but I still like the detail.

4 comments on “So Beautiful!

  1. That roving is incredible. I can’t wait to see how it looks spun.

    My current color love is Spincycle yarn Dyed in the Wool. The colors are wonderful and you just never know how they will look knitted but you know it will be interesting. Like you, I enjoy seeing colors combined in a way I would never have chosen but that I love.

  2. Cascade makes some good stuff and are certainly not a huge company so still fall on the @goid to support side” if anyone needs an excuse lol. Yesterday I was just thinking how hard it is to find wool/cellulose blends (Remember O Wool? Loved their colors too) so this is very exciting news. Thanks!

  3. I can’t wait to see what you spin with your roving! For a guy I know multi crafts, you’ve been very concentrated on knitting since retiring. Not complaining–just observing. I’m looking forward to some spinning (and if you threw in a little quilting, I wouldn’t cry).

    The Cascade Eco + Hemp intrigues me. I’m looking forward to seeing you combine it with other things. Always love hearing about yarns I haven’t tried–thank you!

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