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When In Doubt – Choose Kindness

Hurt people hurt people. And healing people sometimes help others heal. As someone who is healing, whenever I’m in doubt how to act, I try to choose kindness.

Capacity To Choose Kindness

When I was working, maintaining a relationship with Thaddeus, keeping in-touch with family and friends and just surviving, I honestly didn’t feel like I had the capacity to be kind all the time. Or even most of the time. In fact, I rarely took time to assess whether being kind was an option. How others were doing was not a priority for me. Usually.

Now I have the bandwidth. Honestly, I probably had the bandwidth back then too. I could probably have opted to prioritize being kind. But life was coming at me fast. And it wasn’t even something I considered. Never mind made a priority. In fact, even this blog was more about being snarky than kind.

But with finances, relationship, family, health and other basic needs being met, I have the capacity. And a little bit more clarity.

So these days, when I’m unsure of how to react, I try to choose the kindest route. And no, I’m not always successful. But I’m still a WIP myself, no?

Should I post a photo of myself on #WIPWednesday?

Current Knitting/Spinning

I’m up to about 4.5 inches on the lengthwise Linen Stitch scarf.

Linen Stitch Lengthwise Scarf 03-11-22 01

Linen Stitch Lengthwise Scarf 03-11-22 02

Linen Stitch Lengthwise Scarf 03-11-22 03

Linen stitch is always a slog for me. I’m not very fast at it. And it’s a stitch that doesn’t grow very quickly either. I’ll look forward to casting this project off soon. I’ll go to the end of the colorful yarn and then finish.

I’ve also been doing some spinning on the Jacob roving.

Jacob Spinning 03-11-22 01

I’ll spin two bobbins of approximately the same amount of singles and then ply it up to make sure I like it.

Be kind and wish me luck!

5 comments on “When In Doubt – Choose Kindness

  1. Very true, Joe. Being kind to others is something we should all strive for, even though it is difficult at times. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. You have told the truth and sometimes it’s us and where our stress levels are . At times mouth engaged before my brains hard drive was not rebooted and it make’s me sick after I’ve done it But while you are espousing and brain is off emotions totally on well it feels so good !!! I feel so guilty afterwards then it’s a battle of love hate or elation or just plain guilt and anguish.

  3. I love the look of linen stitch, but I don’t have the patience for it. I’m happy to see that you do. Your scarf is beautiful!

  4. Kindness is definitely easier when one is not stressed. The odd thing is though that it makes life so much easier. It’s one of those things—like excercise!- that takes some minimal effort sometimes but the payoffs make you feel so much better yourself that you wonder why you don’t do it all the time! She says as she sits on the couch. Good job getting started on that Jacob! It’s going to be fabulous. And if you don’t like it you can always donate the yarn to some charity raffle or something. Door prize at your next retreat!

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