Project Bottleneck - Lengthwise Linen Stitch Scarf 03-14-22 01

Project Bottleneck

Ever have one of those projects that just seems to be a log-jam for future projects? With my list of to-do projects, I’m glad to clear my current project bottleneck.

My Current Project Bottleneck

I was just realizing how much I’ve been dreaming of my next project. More accurately, projects.

I ordered yarn for the Anica Shawl by Alina Appasova. It was designed using Urth Yarns’ Uneek Fingering, which I love. So, I ordered the kit.

Anica Shawl from The Perfect Purl

Then I saw Charles Gandy’s design, the Aha Wrap.

Aha Wrap by Charles Gandy

Fingering weight yarn and interesting stitch patterns interspersed with garter. Right up my alley. So, I purchased that pattern.

I’ve also been fiddling with my Circular Sock Knitting Machine

Circular Sock Knitting Machine Gearhart 1925 ish

I’ve been asked to bring it back to the Men’s Knitting Retreat in May, so I’ll need to make sure it’s in good working order.

Spinning Nic White’s alpaca/silk roving is also a high priority.

Nic White Alpaca Silk Roving Braid 02-25-22 01

Which means I’ll need to finish up the Jacob spinning I’m working on.

I also have some knitting samples I need to make for a workshop on Helical Striped Knitting the retreat and a handful more of other ideas bubbling around in my brain.

So, I’m glad to have cleared my current bottleneck.

Current Knitting

The only way to break through a bottleneck is with concentrated effort. In my opinion. So I powered through the last inch or two of the Lengthwise Linen Stitch Scarf.

Lengthwise Linen Stitch Scarf 03-14-22 02

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. It’s 60″ long and 5″ wide.

Lengthwise Linen Stitch Scarf 03-14-22 01

Smaller than I expected, but I love the fabric and the richness of the colors.

Lengthwise Linen Stitch Scarf 03-14-22 03

While I won’t be knitting another one of these in a LONG time, I am still loving how nice it is. Soft drape, smooth, vibrant and warm. All that I want in a scarf.

2 comments on “Project Bottleneck

  1. It took me like 4 years to finish my linen stitch scarf! Beautiful! Many people like short scarves so I’m sure if you decide you don’t want it it will find a good home. The colors are lovely!

  2. Your descriptions are so accurate and easy to commiserate with – like a “bottleneck” in this instance. The scarf is beautiful, though, and well worth the effort. It looks a little bit like it was woven. I agree with Laura Rose about shorter scarves, too. Win-Win.

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