Free of Blogger!

While Blogger was an excellent platform that helped me blog for years, I and truly happy to FINALLY be free of Blogger.

The Cost of Being Free of Blogger

It’s been over 3 years since I converted this blog from Blogger to a self-hosted version of WordPress.

There have been tons of benefits for doing this. I have a lot more control over how and where my images get stored. There is a ton more flexibility in how I present my blog to the public.

At the beginning, it looked like an easy transition. Dump the contents of Blogger into an exported file. Upload that exported file into WordPress. And honestly, it was pretty easy to do that.

Two pretty major glitches. I hadn’t formatted many of my Blogger blog posts with a Title. Yes, each one had a title, but it was in the body of the blog entry. Second, it converted over the HTML for my images where they are currently stored. It didn’t convert the photos into my WordPress library and re-point them.

So I had about 20 years of blog photos still stored on Blogger.

It was easy enough to download my photos off Blogger. And to load them into my Media Library on WordPress. But it still required me to change each blog entry to point to my photo instead of the photo hosted on Blogger. Literally over 2,000 blog entries had to be updated.

How I Updated Converted Blog Entries

Here’s a short video showing how I fixed one blog entry.

And this was an easy one.

I know it’s not very relevant to Blog readers like you. But this was a monumental task that was like a knitting project. I just kept working on it until it was finished.

Current Knitting

With the successful completion of the lengthwise linen stitch scarf, I decided to work on a new design by Charles Gandy called the Aha Wrap.

Aha Shawl 03-16-22 01

Aha Shawl 03-16-22 02

I’m using Superwash Blue-Face Leicester yarn from a Canadian dyer, Small Fish Yarns.

Small Fish Yarns - Superwash BFL Sock 03-16-22 02

The colorway is Random Attraction and it’s been fun to work with so far!

2 comments on “Free of Blogger!

  1. I had a blog for a bit on blogger. And I kind of liked having that long form post thing but I never had any followers or anything so even if I started again I would NEVER in a million years try to convert. I would just restart. I really hated the lack of format options though even before I got spiked using WIX for my website which is so much easier, (though its blog feature stinks)so I can see why you did it being a person with actual followers AND technical skills. And thanks for making our user experience so easy!

    And that color way is to die for.

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