Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

It’s not typically what I recommend. When I over-promise and under-deliver, I set expectations and then disappoint.

Not Typical Behavior – Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

Usually I try to err on the other side of this equation. I set expectations a bit lower than what I anticipate.  That way, if I won’t disappoint. Or if things go well, people are thrilled that I OVER-deliver.

On Friday, I blogged about the status of two projects I have on-the-needles. The Jacob handspun hat and the Aha Wrap.

Since I blogged on Friday morning, I set an ambitious target for the Monday morning blog. To finish the Aha Wrap and the Jacob handspun hat! I didn’t state this publicly. But I did make a plan to how I would do this. I’d feverishly work on the finishing five panels of the Aha Wrap and then knit like crazy on Sunday evening to finish the hat.

I’m not that fast.

Turns out I was finishing about 1 panel a day on the Aha Wrap. And it took me a little time to realized I wouldn’t be able to make up the time and finish it. By the time I thought, “I’ll just finish the hat instead!”, it was too late.

So, you’ll see below, I finished neither project.

The happy news is that I never really set this expectation for anyone else but myself.

But I am still disappointed in me.

Current Knitting

I finished 10 panels (of 13) on the Aha Wrap before I decided to switch over to the hat.

Aha Wrap 03-28-22 01

It’s going to be a very large wrap. Very warm and quite beautiful.

The Jacob handspun hat has some issues too.  I finished the ribbing and decided to try a pattern stitch on the body of the hat.

IceBox Hat 03-28-22 02

Even close up with the contrast bumped up a bit through photo editing, you can’t see the stitch pattern.

IceBox Hat 03-28-22 01

I’ve pretty much just got the decreasing top section to finish. Once I do, I may decide to rip it out and re-do it without the stitch pattern. I don’t care that it doesn’t add anything to it, but I’m afraid it may be making my knitting look messy.


3 comments on “Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

  1. Your friendly Jacob yarn cheerleader here! I love the yarn. The brim looks great, but, yeah, the pattern just makes it look jumbled. I think just stockinette is the ticket.
    You deliver for your readers with every post!

  2. The Aha wrap is lovely, and now I want one. Agree with LauraRose that stockinette for the Jacob hat does the best job of showing off the yarn.

  3. Joe, Both are very nice, but you put too much on your plate. Knitting is suppose to be fun and relaxing. It is not a race. Slow down.

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