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Face Pareidolia

Recently I was emptying the dishwasher and for the first time in decades, saw this smiling face with a bowler hat. Now face pareidolia has me seeing faces everywhere. Again.

While Common, Face Pareidolia Is Still Surprising

Do you remember the first time you ever saw a face in an unexpected place. It seemed like you had discovered something truly special and amazing.

I can remember it vividly…I was lying in bed in at the age of 10 thinking that I’d NEVER get to sleep. Those were the days where I was convinced that I never slept, but it was only because I slept so soundly that it felt like I didn’t sleep. I was on my side, staring at the closed bedroom door. And there, as clear as day was the face of a bearded man. Honestly, it seemed like something amazing.

I know now that this is a commonplace experience. But even after all these years, I’m sometimes surprised and delighted to see an unexpected face.

It seems I only catch a glimpse of a face when there’s a big nose involved. But not always.

My comments don’t allow for adding images, but you can include a link to any photos of inferred faces you have on-line.

Current Knitting

With the pressure on (enjoyable pressure for me!), I was able to finish the Aha Wrap. And I can’t say enough good things about it. It has just the perfect visual/graphic component to make it classically beautiful. It is also incredibly versatile as a garment. The squishiness and drape of the fabric is also incredibly warm and comforting.

Mine came out longer and wider than the designers. But I also didn’t do a gauge swatch.

Mine turned out to be 17″ wide and 83″ long. Flat photos don’t show off the loose, drape of the fabric very well, so here are a couple “casually strewn” photos.

It can be wrapped in so many ways. Over the shoulders. Multiple wraps around the neck. Even like an ascot.

I can’t recommend this garment design highly enough.

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