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Birthday Cake

Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved sweets. And for some reason, there is nothing as sweet as birthday cake.

Menonite Coconut Cake Is My Birthday Cake of Choice This Year!

My mother often told the story of when she was pregnant with me. She’d go for her regular check-up and associated weigh-in at the obstetrician. Then she’d stop at Dunkin’ Donuts and buy a dozen cream-filled donuts and eat them all. Then she’d watch what she ate until her next check-up. I’m convinced that it was my cravings in-utero that compelled her to do this.

Those cravings never stopped. Once I was ex-utero (is that a term?), I’d compel my mom to make me an angel food cake with sweetened whip cream for my birthday cake each year.

Now, we just head to the local “Amish Market” (it’s really Menonite) and buy their coconut cake to satisfy my annual birthday craving. Or order a caramel cake from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen (like I did last year).

Here’s what 63 looks like for me! And yes, I woke up like that.

I’ve also gifted myself with some yarn!

The CloudBorn Baby Alpaca yarn is already being used in my most recent project. And the Malabrigo Rios will be used to make some colorful hats. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do with the Uneek Fingering. It was originally intended for the Annica Shawl. It will probably end up being that.

Current Knitting

With the successful completion of the Aha Wrap last week, I started on a new wrap project.

I call this the Chevron Striped Wrap…It’s about 16″ wide and will end up being around 70-80″ long. It will use the three colors you see. I’ve decided not to credit the designer of this pattern for a couple of reasons. First of all, there’s a mistake in his pattern which he refuses to acknowledge and/or fix. Second I’m doing mine in fingering weight yarn, not worsted. And finally, I’m edging mine with i-cord selvedge edge.

But mostly it’s because I’m still annoyed that he claims there is no mistake in his pattern. So you’ll have to search archives of QueerJoe if you want to locate this pattern. I will give you a hint if you’d prefer to just design your own. The two gray triangles are knit separately from the corners and then connected with rows of chevrons.

9 comments on “Birthday Cake

  1. Hi Joe.
    Happy Birthday! 63 looks great on you. More like 50!
    Enjoy that fantastic, tasty cake. It looks heavenly too!
    Sweets run darker for me. I’m convince my love of bitter chocolate came from Mom eating it when she was pregnant with me.
    I was told I had asked for a little taste of her special treat as a toddler. She expected me to be turn up my nose at the bitterness but she then had to hide her stash up out of my reach from that point on! She’d created a monster!
    I’ll make Black Forest Cake for my birthday. I have lecture/demos tomorrow and Thursday, so I won’t celebrate until the weekend and I’ll make the cake then. But I will have to eat come dark chocolate tomorrow!
    Enjoy your birthday, wonderful knits and lots of best wishes for your “new” year!

  2. I think your cravings theory might be valid. My MIL ate pickles when carrying my husband. I’m talking jars per week. Look in our fridge, pickles and olives everywhere. With my older son I ate dill pickle sandwiches almost every day. Same thing.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I think it should be a ball of yarn for each year. Or maybe one for each decade plus for the odd number.
    Enjoy your yarn and cake.

  4. Happy Birthday. Many happy returns of the day too.
    Just FYI The transition from being a fetus to being a newborn (also called a neonate) is “birth”. Perhaps you can say “emerged”. Your mother’s job was “Parturition”… (as a former NICU nurse- just saying…).
    However, you mother’s OTHER pivotal role in this story is that of “baker” and someone who helped you develop that refined taste for birthday cake that made this blog post possible. Here’s to you (on your day) and to your mom!!!

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