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Achieving Bag Lady Status

For years, I’ve collected project bags, notion bags and other types of bags. With my latest delivery, I think I’ve finally achieved bag lady status.

What Exactly Bestows A Bag Lady Status?

Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s kind of like art. I know it when I see it.

Years ago, I needed a cross-body bag with an adjustable strap to carry around petty cash. I’m renowned for leaving my things everywhere and losing track of them. A small bag of cash wasn’t something I wanted to leave laying around. So I knit myself a cross-body bag to hold my petty cash.

It needed to be a dense fabric. Also, it needed to be secured closed. And the shoulder strap needed to be adjustable. I used a bulky yarn and 2.5 mm needles to create this very dense-fabric bag with a flap. It includes a button-loop and button to secure it closed. And I also braided a long, two-piece, overlapping strap that is adjustable.

Knitted Bag Murse 07

It works great to make sure I never lose site of my bag-of-money when I’m dealing with the public.

A New Source of Bags

A Florida knitter and sewing-person, has recently started making really beautiful bags. He’s also donating some of the proceeds to the Men’s Knitting Retreat Scholarship Fund. If that wasn’t generous enough, I purchased two of them and he sent two extra bags as gifts!

I am planning on keeping the sheep/knitting cross-body bag for myself and selling the other three bags at the Scholarship fund tag sale table at the retreat in May.

Current Knitting

Some additional progress was completed on the Chevron Striped Wrap.

I’m currently using the design exactly as it’s written. But I doubt it will make the wrap long enough since I’ve switched from worsted to fingering weight yarn. I’ll probably end up just repeating some of the striping sequences until it’s at least 72″ long.

5 comments on “Achieving Bag Lady Status

  1. My girlfriend and I usually purchase a fiber bag at every festival we attend. We always laugh and say we should start bag-a-holics anonymous.

  2. Hi Joe.
    You have the best bag lady bags! And is that beautiful purple shirt flannel? Wonderful plaid!
    I am probably “Queen of the Bag Ladies” as I have used them for years for touring with my shows and you name it.
    I never get in the car without bags of stuff…… snacks, weather related stuff, possibly a lunch, etc.. I “Boy Scout” it to the max in terms of being prepared.
    When I used to perform at Puppet Showplace in Brookline, MA and the host would put me up for the run of shows, I would arrive with all my travel stuff beyond my show equipment. The joke was that there was only one other out-of-state puppeteer who brought more stuff than I did…. but she was a family of four!
    And now I have those reusable grocery bags full of knitting stuff.
    I’ll be stopping in today to say hi. Hope Zoom behaves….
    Best wishes!

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