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New Studio Equipment

It got a bit too “McGyver-like” to take video tutorials. So I finally broke down and bought a couple of pieces of new studio equipment.

Did I Really Need New Studio Equipment?

Well, this piece will go a long way to helping with video tutorials. It will also be good for photographing “how-to” photos to add to new pattern designs that I decide to publish.

This is an overhead SLR desk mount. It’s sturdy enough to hold my digital SLR camera.

With this tripod/smartphone adapter mount, I have mostly what I need to be able to take great videos and still shots for the “how-to” section of my published patterns.

The first draft of the pattern for the Knitted Cross-Body bag is almost finished. I realized I need to spell out (with both words and images) how to do a four-stranded braid for the shoulder-strap. I figured I may as well just do a video tutorial as well.

I know I’m no Very Pink Knits in terms of the sophistication of my productions. But these two little devices have made my life a lot easier. And they will continue to do so. The May Men’s Knitting Retreat, I will use this to hopefully display a workshop more easily to a dozen or so guys.

Current Knitting

Finished the body of the knitted cross-body bag I’ve been working on writing a pattern for.

Now just the button loop, strap and finishing. I also started a new Jacob wool hat.

I’m all over the place with projects. I even did some more work on the Chevron Striped Wrap.

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