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At Least Two Things I Suck At

Please understand, there are many things about which I am ignorant. Today, I detail two things I suck at.

My Latest Project Shows Two Things I Suck At

And hopefully, you can help with one of them.

As I worked to finish up the Knitted Cross-Body Bag and the associated pattern, I realized I am really bad at braiding.

This surprised me. I would have thought that being good at other fiber arts would have carried over to braiding. But it turns out it’s a very different skill. The shoulder strap for the Knitted Cross-Body Bag is a four-strand, braided cord. And it requires about 104 inches. The task was one that I really had to force myself to finish. Fortunately, the bag is somewhat “rustic” and the poor braiding seems to accent the bag and not take away from it.

The other thing I’ve sucked at for a while is choosing buttons. The bag requires one button and I have narrowed it down to a few choices.

It’s a little difficult to see through the cellophane, but if you have any thoughts on which button would work best, I’d be glad to hear them.

Current Knitting

Clearly, I have almost finished the Knitted Cross-Body Bag.

In addition to sewing on the adjustable shoulder-strap, and adding the button, I will also consider inserting a key ring inside like I did with the first one.

12 comments on “At Least Two Things I Suck At

  1. Try doing a twisted cord instead of braiding. It’s round rather than flat, which tends to show up mistakes more easily. You can test and use as many cords as you like.

  2. Blue button!

    I recently sewed a blouse. Without any negative self talk I made a list of things that I could do better. I’m going to buy more fabric this weekend and make those changes. I’m going to put them side by side and see what I’ve learned. This is an experiment. My goal is to become a better sewer. No putting myself down. Just raising my own bar.

    Happy Easter Joe!

  3. I like the spiral buttons. But blue is my second choice and that seems to be the most popular.

    Braiding tips: hold the strands by the point of braiding, pinch the meeting point with one hand if you need to untangle. Like everything these days I’m sure there are YouTube videos. And practice practice practice. Good job expanding your horizons!

  4. If that picture is of you braiding, I would suggest having your hands closer to the braid.
    Love reading about your escapades with fiber!

  5. Another blue button vote from me. It will make the blue in the main color more prominent, along with that in the braid.

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