Aesthetic Design - Miya Tea Kettle 01

Aesthetic Design

II realized many of the readers here share a similar visual aesthetic. Aesthetic design has become important for me over the years.

Whether It’s Accent Buttons or Tea Kettles – Aesthetic Design Is Important

Recently, Thaddeus got this simple and elegant tea kettle as a birthday gift. It’s both beautiful and functional.

And perfect for a household of two. Thaddeus and I both knew immediately that this was the exact kettle we wanted. We have a very broad overlap in our taste similarities. But honestly, I think this piece of functional art would appeal to many people.

Similarly, there was widespread agreement about the button I should use for the latest Knitted Cross-Body Bag. Almost everyone thought it should be blue. And many thought it should be the spiral design. I agreed. Until I placed the blue spiral button in the center. It wasn’t quite right. So I went with the blue hatched button instead.

Either button would have been fine. But the spiral button was a bit more purple and it wasn’t quite as good as the bluer hatched button. It’s difficult to capture the subtleties in photos, but I think most would agree if they saw it in person.

Thank you all for your input. While I suck at choosing buttons, I know what I like when I see it!

Current Knitting

Clearly, I finished the Knitted Cross-Body Shoulder Bag.

I’m very fond of how the reverse-engineering went. It’s still being test-knit by Graeme (thank you!), so there may be some updates to the pattern. But I decided to publish it now.

I also finished the second Jacob handspun hat.

I’ve also started a third version. After the third hat, I’ll have a Large, Medium and Small hat.

3 comments on “Aesthetic Design

  1. Your knitting bag is wonderful as are the Jacob Hats!
    Great tea kettle too.
    Next stop….Tea cosy?
    Best wishes for more April.

  2. It is so nice when your everyday “things” are useful and beautiful. Good design (be it in a tea kettle, or ice cream scoop, or desk lamp, or cat dish) is appreciated more if there is also an aesthetic fulfillment of our practical needs

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