FedEx Sucks - I think 04-22-22 01

FedEx Sucks – I Think??

FedEx used to be amazing. Shit would arrive in less than a day sometimes. But for the last couple of years, FedEx sucks. At least I think they suck.

Perhaps It’s Not FedEx That Sucks?

Years ago, when I worked in consulting, one of my company’s clients was FedEx. They gave us an incredible rate for overnight shipping, so we shipped EVERYTHING via FedEx. I even sometimes sent clothes and/or toiletries to hotels where I’d be staying so I didn’t have to pack them and carry them in my luggage!

In the interim, shipping has gotten very confusing. Amazon sends packages through U.S. Postal Service or their own delivery people. FedEx and UPS also sometimes rely on USPS to deliver their local packages. I never know who is delivering items anymore.

But one thing I do know. FedEx needs to stop lying to customers about when their package will arrive.

Dudes!…just add 3 days to your estimate. If it actually comes in 3 days early, people will be thrilled. But when it arrives 3 days late (as it often does these days), it will be considered on-time!

My Latest FedEx Head Scratcher

I ordered yarn from Joann. Nothing I needed quickly. It’s simply a possible replacement yarn option for Knitted Cross-Body Shoulder Bag pattern I published. I will test-knit a bag using it to see if it will work instead of the discontinued yarn I designed it with.

Anyway…I get this e-mail from JoAnn this past Sunday.

FedEx Sucks - I think 04-22-22 01

I click on the “Track Your Package” link, and I’m disappointed to see it was sent via FedEx. But at least they already had the package in their possession.

Finally, the package arrives three days later than announced. Oh surprise.

FedEx Sucks - I Think

And it was delivered by USPS. Huh?!?! Not a FedEx marking on the package.

Patons Shetland Chunky

Again…I didn’t care when this package arrived. I won’t be using it for at least a few weeks. But I think most of us get annoyed when expectations are set and rarely are they met.

On the other hand, I have found both the US Postal Service and UPS have both done a really great job.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish all the i-cord for my workshop.

Helical Knitting Workshop Hands-On Project 04-22-22 01

I was even able to pick up and knit 88 stitches on the i-cord for five of the cowl projects.

Thank you all for the great workshop advice. Just asking for advice helped me clarify what I needed to do. But every piece of advice in the comments was very gratefully read. You all are such a wealth of information and support. Thank you.

2 comments on “FedEx Sucks – I Think??

  1. We need to support the USPS.
    The mail is something that many Americans take for granted but it is the lifeline for so many of the most vulnerable people. As a nurse, I see the value of the USPS delivering medications, Medicare and Social Security checks, and home COVID tests. I also see the value of them delivering absentee ballots, yarn, and so much more. Postal workers are trusted members of the community- that know our neighborhoods close up.
    The USPS is not required to make a profit.
    The USPS is shackled with many “prefunding” mandates- yet carries on.
    We need to be kind (and patient) to postal workers.
    We need to use the postal service (vs for profit companies)
    There. My 2 cents…

  2. In New Zealand after our first lockdown 2 years ago the couriers went crazy. People embraced online ordering and my next door neighbour who is a courier said his parcels quadrupled overnight. I don’t mind the wait but you are right.. set the right expectation. Unfortunately the businesses sending items cannot guarantee when the courier will deliver. I had cat biscuits dispatched over 10 days ago and they have sat in our local depot for four days before finally being delivered today. They were picked up from the business the same day I ordered. These days I expect a courier parcel to take a week no matter what they are telling me and if I want something now I go to a shop and buy it so I don’t have to worry.

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