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I’m Spinning – And Not Yarn

It’s a bit of a tornado lately. So busy with various aspects of my life that I’m spinning a bit more than usual.

I’m Usually Busy – But I’m Not Usually Spinning

Spinning for me isn’t really a bad thing. I prefer staying busy. And even when things seem to get a bit unwieldy, I rarely go in a panic. Things always move toward equilibrium for me. So, I’m guessing they will this time too.

Helical Knitting Workshop

The spiral aspect of helical knitting is an apt analogy for daily life lately. I’ve almost finished the handout. Most of the same material in the handout will also be in a slide show I’m putting together so that all the workshop attendees can see visuals clearly. That will be finished today or tomorrow. I also had to knit one last demonstration piece. The seemingly small tube in the feature photo took me days to knit and it’s not even very well executed. I needed something that had big enough helical stripes to show that the technique creates a spiral.

2022 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat

The retreat at Easton Mountain is only 4 weeks away. I won’t even get into all that I need to do to prepare for that. Else I may go into a downward spiral instead of a simple frantic spin.

Home Life

Bicycling, cooking, maintaining a relationship with Thaddeus, caring for Finn, errands, etc., etc. Honestly, my general life is quite manageable. But today, I’m off to get a second COVID booster, and it’s housecleaning day (which I may postpone until tomorrow).

Fiber Projects

Having just published the Knitted Cross-Body Shoulder Bag, I decided I’d make another one.

Murse 04-25-22 01

I found the yarn I used to make the original bag. I weighed the bag and yarn and realized I had enough to make a second bag. Knitting to the top of the bag-part of the project, I realized I didn’t have enough yarn after all. So, I ripped back to where the contrasting stripe starts and re-knit the entire project over the weekend. It’s a fast, easy project…for me. For others, they might not find it so easy. At least for their first one!

Current Knitting

Today, it’s all about the finished Knitted Cross-Body Shoulder Bag.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how it turned out. The button isn’t perfect. But it was the second in the pair of buttons I used for the last bag.

And I’m kind of glad I didn’t have enough of the gray yarn. The stripes look great, no?

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  1. Well, your little sample might have been a pain but I finally see what helical knitting is, so it’s super effective!!

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