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A Bit Scattered

Ever feel a bit scattered? When I do, I just sit down and look at unused photos I’ve taken and just start to write a blog entry. And post a beautiful, serene photo.

A Bit Scattered Here and There

Yesterday, it felt like a firehose of of stuff I needed to do

  • Housecleaning (postponed from Monday)
  • Bicycle riding
  • Replace a cancellation at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat next month
  • Get the new attendee into workshops
  • Create materials for a new workshop I have to deliver
  • Order small knit-repair tools for the workshop
  • Knit enough to be able to blog today
  • Brush Finn

Honestly, I didn’t get it all done, but it’s all starting to come into focus.

Blog readers helped an enormous amount with advice on creating the Helical Striped Knitting workshop. I gained a lot of clarity from advice and comments about what I was working on. I used the same concepts on a second workshop I’m going to deliver next month on Knit Repairs. I’ve got a lot left to do, but I have the basic outline of what I want to cover. It feels organized and manageable.

There are only six guys in this workshop, but two of them are relatively new knitters and the other four are more experienced. I wanted to make sure I covered enough to satisfy both groups.

Let’s see if I can jam it into a 2.5 hour workshop!

Current Knitting

Like my life, my knitting was a bit all over the map.

I knit three swatch examples for showing how to fix mis-crossed cables.

I call these three identical swatches, “Oh fuck, I did it AGAIN!”

There was also a tiny bit of knitting on the Chevron Striped Wrap and the third Jacob wool hat as well.

You may need to look closely, but there was some progress on both!

2 comments on “A Bit Scattered

  1. I would love to take both of your workshops. They both sound so interesting with techniques I don’t know. I am sure the men at the retreat will love them and really appreciate all of the work you are putting in to make them successful.

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