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Reader Recommendations

Taking reader recommendations can be tricky for a blogger. Blog readers sometimes think they know me more than they actually do, which is completely understandable.

When To Trust Reader Recommendations

First of all I should note that I purposefully hide some aspects of who I am. Or post outright lies about my life. There are many reasons for posting a specific blog entry that aren’t always obvious to the reader. I often play a deliberate role in my photos and writing.

So, it’s no wonder that readers might make incorrect assumptions about me. It’s kind of like me loving Reese Witherspoon because I relate to some of the characters she’s portrayed. How could I possibly assess what aspect of those roles are really Reese’s personality and which are portrayed as an actor?

When blog readers make recommendations, I am always grateful. It means some aspect of my blog personality made them think…”QueerJoe would really love this!” So, don’t let this blog entry dissuade you from doing so.

For instance, recently reader Jeanette sent me a recommendation for a knitting book – “Knit, Fold, Pleat, Repeat” by Norah Gaughan.

I loved Jeanette’s description…

“She mixes rectangular pieces of knitting with Origami and produces wonderful designs for scaves, cowls, jackets, sweaters….”

In this case, I think Jeanette really understands my aesthetic. My knitting style. Everything about this book appeals to me. So I ordered a copy for my knitting library. Thank you Jeanette.

Despite the fact that “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover,” I still ordered the book based on appearances. And Jeanette took the chance of recommending something to me based on how she perceives me from this blog.

Current Knitting

As you can see from my feature photo, I’ve finished the third Jacob wool cap.

Now I have one each in small, medium and large. Another reader, LauraRose suggested someone would like the first hat when I was unsure. She’s right too. Thaddeus already commented on how much he liked it.

3 comments on “Reader Recommendations

  1. Outright lies!?! Oh, Joe, say it isn’t so.
    But I understand. I’m not a blogger, but I leave out much of my life on facebook 🙂

  2. Now we are all going to be trying to figure out what the lies are. 😆 My guess is you secretly hate knitting but love the knitting retreats so much that you pretend to love it even going so far as to create workshops and sales events.

    No, really, I think that makes sense. There’s too much weird internet hate to put everything out there. Also “all stories are true” according to a storyteller I took a class from once upon a time. So keep telling yours however you like.

  3. Sorry to post again voy the quote from the librarian (Jeff Defty) was “All stories are true stories.”

    Makes more sense that way. 😉

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